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    Got word yesterday and Tuesday regarding Loyal3 and the free share of TMUS stock. Apparently Loyal3 is going under and the shares will be transferred to FolioFirst.

    -----Quote from email below-----

    As you know, you hold your T-Mobile Stock Reward in a LOYAL3 brokerage account. LOYAL3 has important news: we’ve entered into a transaction that will provide LOYAL3 customers with a new, larger platform and more services.

    Effective May 22, 2017, LOYAL3 will transfer your T-Mobile Stock Rewards brokerage account to FolioFirst, a new online brokerage platform being built for LOYAL3 customers.

    The transfer to this new platform will happen automatically – there is nothing you need to do to have your account transferred – and there is no charge for the transfer. Your account, with its T-Mobile Stock will be available at FolioFirst starting on May 22, 2017. Following the transfer of all accounts, the LOYAL3 platform will close. Review the Important Deadlines section below for key dates before this transition. * *

    We hope you’ll want to continue investing – and grow your account at FolioFirst. You’ll be offered significant enhanced services at FolioFirst compared to your current T-Mobile Stock Rewards brokerage account, including: commission-free trading in over 200 stocks, multiple account types (individual, IRA, and joint), performance reporting, and much more. However, if you elect to use these enhanced services, you will be charged one low monthly fee of $5. See details below.

    FolioFirst is being built as a site for those who want to invest for their future. In order to be eligible for transfer to FolioFirst, your account must have at least one share of T-Mobile stock.

    If you do not want your account transferred to FolioFirst, you have 2 choices:

    Transfer your account to another brokerage firm. You will need to instruct your new broker to send us a Transfer Instruction Form (TIF). By submitting a request to transfer your account to a brokerage firm other than FolioFirst, you are also authorizing us to return to you any cash amounts or proceeds from cash equivalents remaining in your account. By submitting this request, you also authorize LOYAL3 to liquidate any cash equivalents that are part of LOYAL3’s money market sweep program for purposes of returning your funds to you.

    Please instruct your new broker to send us this form by May 15, 2017.*For more information about transferring your account, please see the information described below under the caption*Information on Transferring Your Account.

    Or, sell all your shares held at LOYAL3 and transfer the cash to your bank account. You can do this on the LOYAL3 website using your current login username and password. You will need to enter your sell order by 1:45 PM ET on May 16, 2017. By submitting a request to sell your shares, you are authorizing LOYAL3 to return the proceeds (including any other cash or proceeds from cash equivalents held in your account) to you if you have not done so by May 19, 2017. By submitting this request, you also authorize LOYAL3 to liquidate any cash equivalents that are part of LOYAL3’s money market sweep program for purposes of returning your funds to you. For more information about transferring your account, please see the information described below under the caption*Sell Your Shares, Withdraw the Proceeds and Close Your Account.

    Introducing FolioFirst

    FolioFirst is a brand new web site currently being built just for LOYAL3 customers. FolioFirst is part of an online stock brokerage and financial technology firm that has been serving investors for over 17 years. From its beginning, Folio has been dedicated to helping individual investors achieve their long-term financial goals.

    FolioFirst wants to make it easy to hold your T-Mobile shares…and to invest for your future. So they are adding access to enhanced services, including:

    Commission-free trading (up to 2,000 trades per month in twice-daily windows) in over 200 stocks and ETFs, and with the ability to
    buy and sell in any dollar amount1, and
    trade with fractional shares
    IRA and Joint Accounts, in addition to Individual Accounts (available by August 1, 2017, and included within the one monthly fee)
    An FDIC-insured cash sweep
    An easy-to-use website with tools and displays to help make you a smarter investor
    Performance reporting
    The ability to upgrade to other brokerage offerings
    No account minimums
    And, more….
    1*A minimum purchase amount of $25 per security applies; if you are purchasing ten or more securities at once, the minimum purchase amount is just $5 per security.

    Your New Pricing Plan

    The FolioFirst pricing is simple and straightforward.

    First, there is no charge if you only sell your T-Mobile stock and remove the cash from your FolioFirst account within one year of your receiving your last share of T-Mobile stock through the company’s Rewards program (the “Anniversary Date”) –*for most rewards holders that means selling and removing proceeds in June or July 2017. You can determine when your last receipt of T-Mobile shares at LOYAL3 occurred by looking on the LOYAL3 website under “My Account – Statements and Forms – Trade Confirmations.” However, if it is your intent to sell your stock, it is much easier to do that now, at LOYAL3, instead of waiting for the transfer and then doing so at FolioFirst!

    If you hold your T-Mobile stock in your FolioFirst account and take no other action, then there is no charge until February 1, 2018. At that time, you will be charged a $15 annual account maintenance fee (waived if you are being charged the $5 monthly fee below).

    If you sell your T-Mobile stock after the Anniversary Date, or buy or sell any other securities in your FolioFirst account, you will be charged just $5 per month.

    That monthly fee gives you access to all of FolioFirst’s great new brokerage features, including commission-free trading (up to 2,000 per month in twice-daily trading windows) in over 200 stocks and ETFs.
    And, that one fee covers trading in as many accounts as you need – individual, joint and retirement (there is a separate $25 annual IRA reporting fee).
    Moreover, to give you a chance to experience all that FolioFirst has to offer, the monthly fee for buying and selling any securities will be waived until August 1, 2017. Other fees may apply - see Special Services and Fees below.

    Next Steps

    Information about how to login to FolioFirst, set up cash transfers, and more will be sent to you by email before May 22, 2017.

    Your existing bank link will be set up at FolioFirst.

    Please check to confirm that the contact information (both email and physical address) in your LOYAL3 account profile is correct so we can continue to communicate important information to you during this transition. *

    We appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to serve you, and we are confident that you will be well served by FolioFirst.

    If you have questions about this transfer, or your account at LOYAL3, please feel free to call LOYAL3 Customer Service, Monday - Friday 9-5 PT at 855-256-9253.

    LOYAL3 Securities

    -----End quote-------

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.
    04-20-17 08:35 AM
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    I went ahead and sold mine for 65 dollars, not a bad score!
    04-20-17 04:04 PM

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