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    So I got a 9000 yesterday and popped in my tmobile sim card after unlocking it. I also added BIS to my monthly prepaid plan yesterday. This morning and yesterday it was working well and connected to BIS. Now it seems it wont connect, I go to manage connections and service status and BIS is not connected. I thought I read somewhere I need to give tmobile my pin number or something but cant find any info on that.

    Update: So I did an instant messaging chat with tmobile and they added my sim card and imei number to my account. They couldnt figure out why it wouldnt update. I am lost. Any ideas?
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    01-10-13 09:52 AM
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    After messing around with the service books I was able for it to show the bis icon in the signal status but it still tells me I don't have bis.
    01-11-13 10:15 AM
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    So I called tmobile and after 30 minutes the guy finally as a last ditch effort switched the server on his end and now I have BIS!! So anyone in the future do that. (call (877) 778-2106 for tmobile)
    01-18-13 04:42 PM

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