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    I am looking to buy my first bb. It seems like the curve gets lots of great reviews (here and on the net in general). I went to a tmo store today to play around with them. I like the keypad on the curve, but I'm a "phone in the pocket" kind of gal so I liked the size of the pearl. I am looking to get a phone merely for social purposes (not business neccessarily since I'm a teacher). What are the pros and cons to getting one vs the other?

    Thanks for any help!!!
    09-27-08 01:55 PM
  2. nataschas's Avatar
    the keyboard are the big factor along with the size. I personally own the curve and love it!
    09-27-08 02:05 PM
  3. sexyberry's Avatar
    I bought a pearl without going to the store. I thought the curve was big. When I saw and played with the curve in person I was so mad at myself for not getting a curve! Get a curve!

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    09-27-08 06:37 PM
  4. RiXx.One's Avatar
    CURVE!... I've had both phones the pearl is nice cause of the size of it but the keyboard on the curve is great! Especially since you emntioned you want it for social purposes... Texting is social and having a full keyboard makes it a lot faster to type LoL... Other than that they are pretty much the same phones, the pearl has a memory card slot on the outside which is more convenient than the curve cause the curve has the memory slot under tha battery... But its no biggie cause u probably won't be removing and replacing the memory card frequently, I'm not too sure about tmo... But with sprint I got a 1gb micro sd card already installed in my curve... Not so with the pearl. those are really the only differences I can think of... Oh! Since the curve has more keys on the keyboard, you can have more speed dials than you would on the pearl... But that is just about it... As long as you got a berry, you're in good shape :P
    09-27-08 06:59 PM
  5. BlackBerryBob's Avatar
    Well I guess I'll be the "other guy". I've had my Pearl for 2 months now and I love it. It suits my needs just fine and I love the size.
    09-27-08 07:04 PM
  6. mpooler5581's Avatar
    I have a pearl and it is the $hit! I use mine for social use as well and the keyboard is very easy to use after a couple days of use. Both phones are have the same os the only difference is the size and keyboard. Go to a store and try both and see for your self.

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    09-27-08 07:38 PM
  7. JGrams414's Avatar
    I have had multiple Pearls, and ever since I stepped into a Curve there is no looking back.

    09-27-08 07:40 PM
  8. mpooler5581's Avatar
    If you decide to get a pearl make sure it is an 8110 or 8120 because the 8100 sucks.

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    09-27-08 07:40 PM
  9. mpooler5581's Avatar
    Like I said, I have a pearl. I bought my wife a curve, she used it for 2 weeks and turned it in for a pearl because she liked mine better.

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    09-27-08 07:45 PM
  10. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Pearly. Get it. You will love the form factor on it.
    09-27-08 07:49 PM
  11. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    i have the pearl, i like it a lot, because i like being able to put it on my pocket when i go out

    but i could definitely see the appeal of having a curve, what with the full keyboard (it makes texting just a little bit easier)

    good luck!
    09-27-08 07:57 PM
  12. GregMargie's Avatar
    Here is a similar thread that was posted today..... may give you more reasons OP is also a teacher.

    09-27-08 08:04 PM
  13. Pep's Avatar
    curve all the way.
    09-27-08 09:19 PM
  14. CojonesDeToro's Avatar
    I had the pearl 8100. I now have the curve 8330. I like the curve because it's only about .5 inch wider but you get a better keyboard experience, a regular headphone jack and it can take 8gb cards for lots of music and video. I think the curve might also be more responsive.

    It's also likely that what I have stated above does not apply to later generation pearls but I was still sick of the keyboard.

    Edit: I also like the pearl screen resolution a lot better.

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    09-27-08 09:33 PM
  15. dcy4pres's Avatar
    I love my pearl. I can type just fine with it. I only have one annoyance with it, the ABC on the top right hand corner comes out of nowhere on the HOME screen without even touching ANYTHING. It comes and goes though, not sure why it appears... other than that, it is great
    09-27-08 09:46 PM