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    Today T-Mobile announced that Sprint will merge with it. There is excitement in the air. The plan is to build out 5G. What does that mean for BlackBerry users down the road? Sprint carried the KEYone but not T-Mobile. T-Mobile carried the PRIV. Hopefully the merger is a good thing and that BBMobile will make 5G compatible qwerty BlackBerry phones that work on their network sooner rather than later. I wonder if the merger will include Sprint accounts migrating from CDMA to GSM.
    04-29-18 02:03 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Probably doesn't mean much in the grand scheme for BlackBerry users. BlackBerry Mobile has largely went with the unlocked phone side of things and selling through Sprint wasn't a HUGE thing, it just was nice to see since Sprint hasn't had a BlackBerry since the Q10.

    it's pretty clear the merge deals on new network expansion, so when they get 5G rolling it'll be something available to all customers since it's esentially a new network and users will be migrated to it, plus there's already network integration there anyway through the use of Google-Fi, it's not a huge stretch to make it all work together with minimal changes.

    As for BlackBerry Mobile and 5G, naturally, they'll roll out 5G devices as the S0C's become available and carrier availability becomes broader.
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    04-29-18 02:56 PM

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