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    So I finall bit the bullet and decided to let go of my SWEET legacy plan since I was having so much trouble with it.

    Customer service transferred me to loyalty and said they could help give me a great deal to probably be close to what I was paying currently with my legacy plan.

    Fast forward and the girl from loyalty was SUPER nice and offered me another super sweet CURRENT plan with some loyalty perks. I would actually be paying a bit less and only losing a small feature which was OK with me. She worked allthe numbers and gave me a current final price for each month including taxes after my discounts popped in( that being variable by a few dollars a month because taxes can vary slightly). As I was talking tothe girl my phone disconnects( i expected this because my super old phone always disconnects). I waited for the girl to call me back since she said she would if we got disconnected. Waited for quite awhile and no call back. I called back to customer service and that girl contacted the loyalty girl . The loyalty girl said she had picked up another call but would call me back when her other call was over.
    Fast forward and like 5 hours later no call yet. I logged into my account and it said that 5 of my lines had contract chaged that day. I was thinking GREAT... She took care of it all. Problem was I couldn't see what the changes were since it wwas set to not take effect until the next billing cycle. So i call back AGAIN and the regular customer service girl says she can see my new plan..... Only what she saw was not what loyalty told me I was getting. She passed me back to loyalty to try and figure it out. This loyalty person keeps telling me she never heard of any such offers I was telling her. I kept telling her EXACTLY was I was told I would be getting , for like 15 minutes. She kept denying and told me she saw NO NOTES on the screen. 15 minutes later she just told me she was canceling everything and I could just go pick a plan from tmobile.com and basically stop bothering them. She also told me if I wanted what I was quoting her for my plan it would be like $28 more a month then I was quoted and I would not be getting any of the bonus minutes I was promised.
    Fast forward again. I call into loyalty AGAIN and explain the whole situation AGAIN for the umpteenth time to this new guy. This guy was pretty nice and asked me to hold on while he investigated. 5 minutes later he comes back and tries to nicely say to me that he DID see in the ORIGINAL loyalty notes written that morning that I was being given the perks and he DID see the lower price that the original loyalty lady told me would be my bottom line monthly price ..... BUT..... He was sorry to say that even though he knew I was told that price and features and the girl had already redid all the contracts ..... They could NOT honor what she quoted me even though they already changed my contracts!!!!!!!! So what he said he was doing was reverting me back to my original contact I have had for a zillion years .
    So basically me( the person who hasn't called or bothered them for years ) spent all day trying to straighten out a mess tmobile made. They didn't have to honor what loyalty gave me even though they admitted they saw the pricing in the loyalty notes. And top it all off when I asked could they just help me order new phones to the plan they switched me back to.........they couldn't even cut 1 penny off as a loyalty gesture for spending all day straightening THEIR mess out. As a matter of fact they were actually telling me they wouldn't even match their TMOBILE .com online pricing and wanted to charge me way more!!!!!

    I just don't GET IT!!!!! How can they not honor what they told me even though admitting they saw the lower price inthe notes. Had it been the other way around we all know I certainly would not have the option of just deciding I didn't want the service ,after I already agreed. Was I supposed to find out over a month later AFTER the bill came and then they would have said TOO LATE YOUR STUCK NOW!!!!
    I have been a LOYAL customer who doesn't call in hardly ever ( except yesterday like 15 times straightening this all out). I never asked for some crazy deal. I just asked if they could work me out any better plan with the new plans out today since I had such an old plan. I also have NEVER been late paying in almost 10 years! I have 6 lines with them!

    THAT's gratitude for you.
    11-14-12 07:32 AM
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    It sounds like an issue of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing. When you spoke with loyalty, did you just keep getting regular agents or did you try to escalate the issue at any time? Usually supervisors have more pull and can access various information and make changes that typical agents can't. Sometimes agents are blocked from making certain changes by what's on their computer screens. They literally DO NOT have an option to make a change. That's when you escalate.
    11-14-12 10:36 AM
  3. SandAngel's Avatar
    Talked with loyalty supervisor this afternoon. Sweet enough but couldn't change anything on pricing for me because she said no matter what she did if it was wrong the computer would self adjust and end up charging me more on bill day.

    I will say bowever at least the supervisiorsounded like she was quite informed on everything and she was the FIRST PERSON in umpteenth calls who even had a clue that UMA is different then WIFI.

    I will stay all 6 lines with Tmobile just because the supervisior was polite and had a brain . I respect when someone is at least honest and doesn't me around!
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    11-14-12 04:24 PM
  4. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    I hear ya! I left T-Mo just briefly in April because they screwed something up and wouldn't fix it and it was the last straw in a pile of complaints I had about them. I went to Verizon...and let me tell you Verizon screwed me over more in 4 months than T-Mo did in 7 years. It was a VERY expensive mistake, but I'm happy to be back on T-Mo...wiser this time.
    11-15-12 04:58 PM

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