1. SandAngel's Avatar
    Ineed some help from those who ACTUALLY have the old grandfathered UMA service deal . NOTt to be rude but not interested in all the answers from those that got the old free wifi deal. I need actual expeirience answer from UMA people.

    Anyone who has the original deal of buying minute package and a HOME PHONE line. They added a soc code to your account and all calls that went through your home phone router were not deducted from your minutes.

    My problem is that they are not coming out with full UMA phones anymore. I need to know whether the lite UMA or the regular WIFI phones will give you the same features of not deducting minutes from your bucket like the FULL UMA did. I do know only full UMA will let you leave the house and continue the call but I can give that up .
    Yeah I know i will hear a zillion answers not really answering what I ask and telling me wifi can be a free feature thing and all that but I really want to change NOTHING on my plan and need to hear from those with the exact grandfathered deal I have. I Have an amazing supersweet plan and do NOT want to mess with it AT ALL.

    So basically a question only for those who have a grandfather minute plan with the TMOBILE router home phone service and free UMA soc .

    Thanks so much for anyone with same plan who can answer.
    11-12-12 08:54 AM
  2. eds817's Avatar
    Read my comments here http://forums.crackberry.com/t-mobil...nswers-753959/

    I have a MyFaves 300 plan from 2007
    11-20-12 12:48 PM
  3. SandAngel's Avatar
    Thanks but no thanks already received my answer last week. Sorry you felt the need to be RUDE on my other post you mentioned!
    11-20-12 03:03 PM

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