1. tony2979#CB's Avatar
    Hi all....I'm new to T-Mobile and am using a 8900. I placed my order over the phone.

    I have been having problems with battery life on my phone and did three days of testing (one day, killed all background applications that I could...next day, same plus turned off wi-fi...third day same as previous day and barely used the phone. No matter what I did, I was in the red zone on the battery at the end of the day)

    I used T-Mobile's online chat and the rep said that I could send the phone back and get a brand new one. Didn't really want to do that, as I can't be without a phone (work). I asked if I could simply go to a T-Mobile store and exchange my battery for a new one. The rep told me that would be fine.

    Do you guys that have been with T-Mobile for a while think it will go that smoothly? I have heard that the stores tend not to service phones that were ordered online or ordered by phone.

    I could be wrong, just curious what you guys think.
    06-18-09 10:01 AM
  2. bassangler68's Avatar
    Stores typically don't stock batteries, if they did the shelves would be full just with batteries. Where the 8900 is new they may have some but will probably charge you for the battery.

    The only way to get a replacement battery is to have a tech over the phone troubleshoot and determine your battery is bad and do a warranty replacement.
    06-18-09 07:54 PM
  3. T-MobileAtx's Avatar
    You Can NOT simply exchange a battery in a store, even with notes on your account. Now what you can do and WILL Work is you call cust care and file a warranty claim on just the battery. They will then give you an ORDER CONFIRMATION #. You then go to a T-mobile store and ask for A LOANER PHONE. They will as for Your I.D. Your Credit Card and The Order #, The credit card is just to have on file just in case you for whatever reason don't return the loaner phone they will charge you $100 bucks. Now You will receive your New Battery in 5-7 business days, when you receive it you then Mail Back your BAD battery, and return your Loaner phone back to they store you got it from. The battery will be completely FREE as will The Loaner Phone. You have 14 days to return the loaner phone from the day you get it, as well as You HAVE TO MAIL BACK THE BAD BATTERY WITHIN 7 days of receiving the replacement. The only thing You MIGHT have to pay for is the Shipping & Handling for your new battery which will come out to $10-11 AFTER TAX.. This is the Correct Procedure. Good Luck
    06-18-09 07:56 PM
  4. Bargsbeer's Avatar
    Am I the only one who thinks it's ridiculous that Tmobile can't exchange a battery in store? What is the point in spending thousands of dollar per month for a store if you can provide any service after the sale?
    06-18-09 08:59 PM
  5. SimeonAS89's Avatar
    Yeah your not the only one. I think even if you ordered online or over the phone they should still be able to handle your product.
    If your phone is broken, why go thru the hassle of trying to get a new one if you want just go into the store?
    Who knows tho...

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    06-19-09 09:42 AM
  6. jnewman91's Avatar
    Replacing your battery in the store should go smoothly. I walked in one day and asked for a replacement battery for my G1. They said as long as I traded them my old one then I wouldn't have to pay anything.
    06-19-09 11:26 AM
  7. jdans431's Avatar
    It is not a given that you can exchange in the store even with the notes. I tried to upgrade a phone with an offer a rep gave me over the phone and the store would not do it. had to go through t-mobile
    06-19-09 12:51 PM
  8. T-MobileAtx's Avatar
    Im Telling You it is HIGHLY unlikely that you will be able to simply exchange it in a store. That is not the way T-mobile works, and if the Rep you work with knows his job and policy then they will not simply just exchange it. Now with notes on the account you have a Slightly better chance, depending on the Rep of course. But the way i listed above is the correct and only guaranteed way it will go smoothly.

    You don't have to necessarily go ask for a Loaner phone it is simply just in case you don't have any other T-mobile phone to use in the mean time. Or If you can put up with it just use your current battery even though it is running out of charge quickly. If you can put up with it for another Week then you can save yourself 2 trips to the store and it can all be done over the phone and through mail.
    06-19-09 04:44 PM
  9. Bargsbeer's Avatar
    Something as simple as changing a battery should be done in the store. Why does all customer service have to done over the phone? Whats the point in having a store if you can't provide service to customers?
    06-20-09 03:27 AM
  10. RPNOSU's Avatar
    My experience is the store is for new customers really. The only thing I use the store for is if I am looking to upgrade my phone and want to see and "use " the functions to see if I will like it prior to purchasing it... which if you are upgrading, it has to be done over the phone or over the net too.. trust me i know that from experience
    06-20-09 08:18 AM