1. lohphat's Avatar
    After weeks of troubleshooting, our new enterprise Aruba wifi system we found that there's a known problem with the high-throughput (HT) setting for an SSID and UMA on devices running OS 6. The inbound audio is severely choppy and unusable yet outbound voice is fine.

    By disabling the HT setting on the Aruba controller for the SSID the problems stopped immediately. The bug is in the HT mode code on the bberry.

    They claim it's limited to OS 6 and is fixed in OS 7.
    01-05-12 02:45 AM
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    The HT seems to be back in later OS7 releases. WIth HT enabled on the SSID, the Bold 9900 couldn't make a stable wifi association. Disabling HT caused the problem to disappear.
    01-25-13 09:24 PM