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    So here's an odd one. I've submitted this to Blackberry Mobile, and spent an hour with T-Mobile last night trying to work out why my phone doesn't work here in Iceland...thank goodness DIGITS works with WiFi (as you'll see) or I'd really be hosed.

    Anyway, pardon the copy/paste, but I'm doing this on my Samsung tablet and a physical keyboard....good, but not optimal.
    As the subject suggests, I am currently visiting Iceland with a Blackberry Key2, a BBF100-2. On my arrival, when first attempting to use the phone after ending Airplane mode, the phone worked briefly when connected to Simmen, apparently my provider, T-Mobile's, first choice under their intenational roaming plan. Then the phone froze, rebooting after about a minute, only to begin the cycle all over.

    Eventually I succeeded in resuming Airplane mode, which prevented its connecting to Simmens, at which point I could still use the phone and even make WiFi calls using T-Mobile's DIGITS app. Successive attempts to do cellular network roaming meet with the same result, after varying lengths of time with it working. I have tried other providers withthe same result, and I switched out my T-Mobile SIM with my wife's AT&T SIM, and both her phone and mine worked, but restoring the SIMs to their proper phones, same problem.

    I have been on the phone with T-Mobile and Adam, who works in Chatanooga TN, and we don't have a next idea. Adam indicated that he would reach out to you as well, so maybe you've heard from him, but the suggesting here is that there is something unique about the Key2, in Iceland, when roaming with a T-Mobile SIM. Any insight for resolving this (although I leave in less than a week) would be appreciated. My contact information has been submitted if the need arises.

    So wha'cha'all think?
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    So wha'cha'all think?
    Sure is weird. Is the APN set the same on your wife's phone? If it's different it might be why her phone works and yours doesn't. Just a thought...

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    10-08-19 10:22 PM

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