1. msp1518's Avatar
    Long story short, I used Berryology.com; Home of the unlocked BlackBerry. How to for Storm to make the switch easier. However, despite his constant email support, I am unable to hold EDGE at all. It constantly switches to lower case edge and i have zero data.

    This is an unlocked Blackberry Storm2 9550 that has worked perfectly under Verizon and in SE Asia while traveling and using their local GSM sims.

    Yes, I have Blackberry Data plan with T-Mobile. It's the monthly pre-paid plan.

    EDGE comes and goes, mostly goes.

    I'm located in jersey City, NJ. Is this a connection issue? Does T-Mobile just suck? Supposedly I am in one of their highest speed areas.

    I'm really frustrated at having no data.

    And can someone help me set up email? I have my own domain name and was receiving emails for 18 months. Now with T-mobile I cannot even access the email setup, even when connected to WiFi. It just hangs. This has been a real nightmare.
    12-18-11 11:24 AM
  2. msp1518's Avatar

    I am getting spotty email service. I cannot use data as it loses the signal as soon as I try to use it.
    12-19-11 06:12 PM
  3. SlickRick26's Avatar
    I can't help you very much with your issue but I can confirm good service in your area. I'm a few towns over and travel through Jersey City daily and constantly have a 3G on my 9700. If I'm ever on edge, its always EDGE. It shouldn't be the signal in your area.
    12-19-11 06:51 PM
  4. msp1518's Avatar
    Yeah, my bars are always at full strength. It's an issue with how T-Mobile is communicating with my phone, likely not well due to the o.s.
    12-19-11 07:16 PM