1. Cajunplayboy's Avatar
    I haven't made a lot of post here on crackberry but i'm quit the frequent visitor... so with that said i noticed there are a number of people on the board with great blackberry knowledge and now i need your help.

    I have a BB 8100 Pearl from AT&T. I upgraded to the official OS that was released recently. Specifically b/c of the slacker radio program. Well After downloading and installing Slacker and trying and failing to sign in and logon to the service... I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

    So I started trying to use other applications such as: berry411, googlemaps, yahoo etc.

    I then tried the shop applications from AT&T and those also wouldn't connect so i assumed that there was a connection.

    I've done a lot of reading and research over the past week and have come up with nothing as every thing i've tried has not worked as i keep getting the some Error "HTTP Error 403: Forbidden (You are not authorized to view t his page. Please Try loading a different page.)"

    I've gone to an AT&T store, I've called AT&T and thy then connected me to blackberry all without solution. The only curious information i got out of all this was that blackberry said my PIN was associated with Rogers the canadian BB carrier. The reason for this i believe is that I had to return my first 8100 due to malfunction and I now have the phone that was returned to me. Which I assume was once a Rogers phone that got refurbished to me.

    So b/c i have a Rogers PIN is it keeping me from using these applications? Any help would be very much appreciated because i have done all that i know to do and enough reading to actually now work at AT&T's technical support.
    01-14-09 04:52 PM
  2. JonB's Avatar
    I can try to help. Couple questions-

    Are you hooked up to a BES Server with your 8100?

    Did you have any of those aps functioning on your 8100 before you upgraded your OS?

    Also, when you exchanged phones, did you have the IMEI updated on your cellphone account?
    01-14-09 05:56 PM