1. stardotstar's Avatar
    I have been wanting a dual sim phone and just read on an ATT forum that ATT does not support dual sim capabilities?

    Can folks verify?

    11-10-17 03:32 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    It's not that they don't support it, it's that they don't sell any phones with it. There's nothing on their end they really need to 'support' other than making dual-sim devices available. If you buy a dual SIM phone that works on AT&T's bands, it'll work, but it won't be considered a 'supported' device.
    11-10-17 05:59 PM
  3. stardotstar's Avatar
    Thanks, I read this:

    "I spent several hours on this subject with Technicians from AT&T. Short answer: yes, if you are running Android 5 or lower. I was using a phone with Android 6, and what happens is that the AT&T card will "see" the other card and disconnect. It does not matter what the slot the AT&T sim is in. I am going back to me old phone, which successfully ran both AT&T and T Mobile with Android 4.4. Unfortunately, it is only 3G, but dual sim is more important to me."

    and then there was this about active vs standby, all above my head! I certianally don't want 2g!


    I was unaware of active vs standby sim. The article explains it well. As we all know, cell phone providers have no interest in helping support dual sim phones, since they want all of our business.This article goes on to note that there is a decreasing number of dual active phones being made: most dual sim phones are standby, as is the phone I recently purchased.

    In looking up the specs for the active dual sim phones listed in the article, I noticed a couple of things: most of the phones listed have a 2G slot for the second sim. This is worthless for me, since both of my networks no longer support 2G.

    Also, all of the phones listed are running Android versions 5.0 or lower, so perhaps AT&T technician Armando was correct: dual sim phones running Android 6.0 (or higher) will have difficulty with AT&T."

    here is the link, but I am sure you know all of this!

    Dual SIM Android phones: Dual standby vs dual active - Android Guides
    11-10-17 07:12 PM
  4. portplayer's Avatar
    I've used my KEYone with dual sim for months now. Takes a lot of tweaking for other carrier sim card to stay active while an at&t sim is also active, though it can be done. I do not know if two at&t Sims will stay active active at the same time though
    01-17-18 12:07 AM

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