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    Have a suggestion to make things a little better around here at CrackBerry? We want to hear it! Start up a new thread with your suggestion in this forum and we will be by to provide feedback and our sincere thanks!

    We can't do this without your help - we want to hear from you!
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    03-15-17 02:34 PM
  2. Tennyson66's Avatar
    I am also interested to get more info about BlackBerry.
    05-28-17 06:02 AM
  3. BB-LEAP's Avatar
    I dont like touch screens and wish BB would make a flip phone as those are easier to use with one hand,
    And the screen is protected in case you drop it..physical qwerty butons are esential..
    Also it should be fully WATERPROOF and dust proof..and STRONGER then any other phone..
    FK the competition and do totaly PRACTICAL phone..
    this old Japanese DOCOMO is perfect example what
    I would want,,make it available in any color too..
    02-26-18 10:48 PM
  4. Hikerdude48's Avatar
    I am new to smart phones and chose Blackberry. To learn, I need Crackberry Forums but I cannot find guidance on using the forums anywhere. When I asked generally "how do I use Crackberry forums?", the top answer was this thread http://forums.crackberry.com/showthr...854.1519588313

    The ONLY answer that came close was the thread I'm replying to now.

    So, Crackberry, make it easier for newcomers to Blackberry to get help using your forums and, meanwhile, please please please give me a clue where I should go for your secret set of rules and tips!
    03-11-18 03:53 PM
  5. WiseEyes's Avatar
    Suggestion: I have a suggestion to Mr. John Chen for a hidden market niche in the enterprise side of things: an IVR SDK or IVR dispatch solution that could allow administrators to seamlessly stack the traffic of different IVR systems. Having a module tied in for bringing the particular system's ticket response system to screen as a separate workspace (VPN-supporting container?) would REALLY be cool!

    Impetus: The challenge for a user of multiple IVR systems is that once the analyst logs into his/her phone extension, one system already has that analyst in its queue; & another system uses local computer software to log that analyst into its queue so that it (too) could send phone calls to that analyst's phone. Soon enough, competing phone calls would ring in on separate lines either at the same time or while the analyst is already on a call.

    Strategy/Solution: With the systems managed by this solution, a phone call answered from one IVR would not be interrupted by a phone call from another IVR managed by this solution (without manual status change by the analyst). Once a call were answered, the workspace for that client system could flash (for multiple monitor setup) or switch to the display (in single monitor setup) for quick notation and call resolution. Perhaps allowing for a Citrix receiver option (or a similar option) could add more connection options to the VPN (such as Cisco AnyConnect) option—as far as third-party connection options for workspaces go. Make it another secure, cloud-based service that businesses could license without having to install, and it would seem dreamy. Imagine only needing to log in ONCE for IVR setup & only needing to change status for administrative tasks, for extended wrap up, for breaks, for lunch, or for logging out just ONCE for multiple IVR systems per occurrence. Treat the phone system as Logitech treats activities with its Harmony remotes—check for what order things need activation & allow for phone software login as an option as well as desk phone.

    Reality: Managing one IVR is complicated enough, but managing multiple IVR systems is not only a true challenge, it does not yet appear to have any solutions (from what I have seen). Obviously, this could tie into your AtHoc solution (at the least).

    Think about it, & thank you for your time & consideration.
    05-04-19 05:50 AM

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