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    Given CrackBerry's recent alignment with BlackBerry Mobile, wouldn't it be fitting for CrackBerry to seek comment from Steve regarding the stock outs of the K1?

    Steve said the phone was delayed to make sure there was enough stock. Was that a lie? Or did they simply under estimate the "strong demand"?

    CrackBerry should bring Steve on record to explain what has happened with the K1 roll out. If this community is going to be used to promote a product, BlackBerry Mobile should be accountable to the community and explain what has happened.

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    06-02-17 06:01 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    You are dreaming.....

    Steve is doing what is best for TCL.... Much like with Chen and BB10, the "truth" would hurt too much. TCL knows there is some initial fan demand for this phone, but they are not sure how much demand their will be after that initial surge. The are being very careful and trying to gauge enterprises interest, as that is really what is important here.
    06-02-17 07:34 AM

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