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    New to the forum. I have an original Storm. Really like my phone, a LOT! Was thinking about upgrading to Storm2 but I keep hearing about a Storm3. Not talking about the Torch but the Storm3. Is it coming? Does it exist? Rumours abound but is there any leaks confirming such a device? Looking for some inside info here. Thanx!

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    08-10-10 06:46 AM
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    Pardon my grammar! are there" any leaks? LOL
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    08-10-10 06:48 AM
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    I know some people disagree with me but until I see some credible leaks to me the Storm 3 is just a rumor. I am still not convinced that RIM is making a Storm 3. We have yet to get any definite specs (only speculative specs), no pictures, not even a blurry "maybe this is the storm 3" picture taken from a distance.

    The only talk I ever hear about a storm 3 is the occasional "I have a friend who knows a friend that says their is a Storm 3 in the works".

    Just my 2 Cents
    08-10-10 07:44 AM
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    In short the answer is probably yes. Heres a link to an interesting article. And to the guy right above me...heres your blurry pic. You can also clearly see that, in the picture, its running os6.

    08-12-10 10:48 AM
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    In short the answer is probably yes. Heres a link to an interesting article. And to the guy right above me...heres your blurry pic. You can also clearly see that, in the picture, its running os6.

    BlackBerry Storm 3 details shown off in training slide?!? Looks like Mobile Hotspot is coming to BlackBerry! | CrackBerry.com
    This Blog is for the Odin Refresh which is not the Storm 3 but a redun Storm 2.

    See this link. Rumored BlackBerry Device Models | CrackBerry.com

    At the bottom is shows the Code Name Odin plus when you click the related link it takes you to the blog you posted. So no this blurry picture is not the Storm 3.
    08-12-10 11:47 AM
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    I'm with Valorian. I would like to replace my Storm with something along the same line only modern, but there has not been any convincing evidence that it is even in the works. Hope, but don't hold your breath.

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    08-13-10 10:29 AM
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    What's the difference between a Storm 3 and a redone Storm 2? After all, the Storm 2 was a redone (Barely) Storm 1. At the risk of sounding cliche, Verizon really needs this phone to stay in the blackberry superphone market. Having nothing but keyboard phones in their current BB lineup (I will go ahead and lump the S2 in "legacy") and not getting the Torch really set them up to be a second fiddle blackberry carrier unless something happens in time for christmas. Stay tuned for a Storm 1 redux; a rushed christmas launch of a new hardware platform (for OS6), and all the bugs that are sure to follow.
    08-13-10 03:33 PM
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    Well the Storm2 refresh is most likely going to come out for this holiday season...I wish it was the Storm3, but alas, my educated guess is that the true Storm3/4 or whatever Storm it is, will be coming out November 2011...And rumors have it, that it's gonna have a droid like operating system, if not an actual BB/Droid hybrid O.S. And another rumor is that it will have 720p video and a 1Ghz processor!!! But these are all just speculation cause if RIM keeps going down the dark road its going down it might pull a palm or nokia and do a nose dive into the pavement trying to sell as many phones as they possibly can and depleting their stock value.
    08-14-10 03:51 AM
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    BB/Droid hybrid? Are you ********? RIM would never build an OS around droid. At what point have they ever used an operating system other than their own? Also, now that OS6 is out, the only LOGICAL thing to be running on ANY new devices would be (Hurr Derr) OS6.
    08-14-10 07:18 AM
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    08-19-10 05:17 AM
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    I don't think that RIM will ever get their **** together, they should of already released a Storm 3 right now. And from what I read above, your right, their going to do just as they done before with the original Storm, they and the carrier will make a mad dash to get it to the market, and its gonna have so many bugs and made so poorly, its gonna make them and the carrier look even worst. I got tired of RIM's ****, make a product that has no bugs.

    They never fixed the low sound recording problem when capturing a video on the storm one, instead, they stuck it in everyones ***, used us as beta testers, and made the STORM 2, and most Storm owners where like, "thanks for nothing".

    Save yourself the trouble and go with an Android powered devise.
    09-18-10 04:13 PM
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    oh even if it is only a storm 2 refresh...
    when i need to upgrade in June 2011, if it's available i'm getting it!
    10-27-10 07:31 AM