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    First Post!

    I am picking up a used Storm 1 today after work. It's only 2 months old and in like new condition. I am coming from a BB Pearl 8130 so I am familar with most things BB. However, this being a different animal I was wondering if you had any tips for me. In other words, knowing what you know now, what would you have done to your Storm on Day one if you had to do it over again? I am an avid BB user and basically refuse to own any other type of phone at this point in my life. I don't look at issues as problems but as opportunities to improve a great product. So with that in mind what would you suggest for this new Storm 1 owner?

    New OS?
    Etc Etc


    02-01-10 03:57 PM
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    Download the latest OS or take it back where you get it from. With the latest VZW OS the phone runas good not great but good.
    02-01-10 04:17 PM
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    Let us know what OS and apps you're running first.

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    02-01-10 05:26 PM
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    Jut getting my used storm a week ago I highly recomended .419 or the .419/451 hybrid fixes some lol issues I had with .328 and now I love my new storm and u will too congrats on the new storm and let us know how it goes for u
    02-01-10 06:15 PM
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    The deal fell through on the used Storm. When I tried to put the phone on my account I found out the ESN was no good. So I got my money back. I jumped on VerizonWireless.com and was just playing around. They gave me an early upgrade! So, later today my NEW Storm 1 should arrive FedEx!!! Woo HOO! And why the Storm 1 do you say? Well the upgrade price was only $49.00 as apposed to the storm 2 which was still $179.00. I played with both at a store and I prefer the way the Storm 1 feels in my hand, plus I cant tell enough difference to justify the $130.00 difference in price! Anyway, I will be back on here after I get my new Storm on my account and see what we can do to make it better!


    02-05-10 09:38 AM