1. slott's Avatar
    Hello, i installed 1041 can now I cant seem to get BBM to work, it says its installed in the applications menu but no icon found anywhere. I deleted the program and reinstalled with no luck.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    01-15-12 04:47 PM
  2. aiharkness's Avatar
    When you deleted and reinstalled, did you reinstall the latest version OTA, or did you install using Desktop Manager or app loader?

    You may want to delete again and then install using Desktop Manager. If that version is not the latest, then try to upgrade again by downloading from blackberry.com/messenger. If you run into the same problem again, I don't know what to advise except go back to the older version for the time being.
    01-15-12 08:15 PM
  3. slott's Avatar
    thanks for the response. the first time i loaded bbm via app world. then i tried ota and it didnt work either. i eventually decided to downgrade the os.
    01-15-12 08:32 PM