1. OnTheRun's Avatar
    I am in sunny old England for a week (yes, oddly it has been sunny) and would like to upgrade to .85. I realized before I started that firmware updates are followed by reregistration with the VZW network. Not sure that this will work on Vodafone 3G. Has anyone successfully done a VZW BB firmware upgrade from outside of the US?

    As a side note, the Storm international roaming experience is by far the best I have had of any BB including native GSM devices. Registration with the local GSM to 3G network took about a minute and has been seamless - at least in the UK since I arrived. The only odd thing is that Google Maps cannot locate using tower triangulation but can using GPS. For the first few days it thought I was still in Philla. GPS is spotty as in it in the US but it is usable. RIM finally has their act together with a real worldphone...
    12-28-08 07:42 PM
  2. delta_foxtrot2's Avatar
    There is a thread with a link to a 3rd party hosting a copy of the 9530 firmware, RIM rate shape international connections to 20k/sec or worst.
    12-28-08 07:45 PM