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    ***I SEARCHED THE FORUMS FOR OVER FOUR HOURS*** Title pretty much says it all. The phone will blink five times: one, then a short pause then four fast blinks. Then it takes a breather and does it again. It does this with the battery in or no battery plugged into the usb. I have tried to do battery pulls, and also tried to charge it to see if it was too dead. I was having the app error 523 message again, as usual, then this happened. I tried to reload it using DM, tried to wipe using jl_cmdr, tried to use BBSAK and the app loader tutorial from the blackberry 101 series on here, but that is if the phone is actually booting in repeat. Mine does absolutely nothing, black screen, just a red flashing LED. Am I dead for good or do is there some trick I didn't find? Thank you in advance for the help from the bb masters!
    07-21-10 09:41 PM
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    I am unclear as to specifically what you have tried, but go the attached link and try the recommended steps:

    07-21-10 10:33 PM
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    I tried everything in that link. Basically the computer will not recognize my phone at all on any BB computer program in any way. This thing is a turd as far as I'm concerned. It all started with an app 523 error that went haywire I guess. ku

    Ok well I said screw this phone and I am rolling to a backup Alias for the time being. Any ideas on what to get? Bold? Curve 8330? Droid X?
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    07-22-10 04:26 PM
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    This link has some more idea's.

    My Computer Does Not Detect or Recognize My BlackBerry (USB Problems) Help for BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm, Tour

    Depending on the problem, this may also help:

    Mass Storage issues? (Here's the fix) - Smartphone Forums
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    07-23-10 12:16 AM
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    i kinda have the same problem, my blackberry bold 9900 got nuked/bricked but i had a another phone so i just put it down for a while now when i wanted to fix it i kinda forgot the password:straight-face. i tried putting in the wrong password 10 time to wipe the phone but after i put in the first one wrong password the red light starts to flash none stop n it become unresponsive and no program can connect to it. i have tried every thing please help i really need my phone
    01-12-14 10:49 PM