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    So I was looking for a little faster, cleaner running, less battery using, touch screen click the first time instead of the 3rd, green button in the shape of a phone working when the light blinks to let you know you have a phone call coming in, touch screen that can tell when im on a call and LOCK THE ****SCREEN!! so mom can stop asking "Why you keep pressing buttons? ", ahhh black berry STORM 9530 so I "upgraded" to .83

    I hooked up the funny looking cord and fired up DM it checks for "updates" and tells me that a update is available!!!! I have upgraded before the official is dropped off to the common folk, and it always says something to the effect of your os is newer than .....blah blah am I the only person to have this pop up?

    sorry for the Rant but had to get it all out you know..
    Verizon step your game up!
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    The green light actually flashes?
    12-24-08 09:28 PM
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    The green light actually flashes?
    Well sometime... or i get that blue dude (visual VM) telling me I got a new voice mail about ten minutes after they leave it!!
    12-24-08 09:33 PM