12-29-08 09:10 AM
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  1. CrazedVW's Avatar
    Thanks for posting that link just in time before I wiped my Storm and downgraded to .83. I did what he suggested and after multiple times turning it off and on with the power switch and a battery pull the problem hasn't reoccurred. *knock on wood*


    You guys might want to give this a shot before you revert back to your old firmware. It didn't work for me but it looks like it did for some others so it may be worth a try.
    12-28-08 11:05 PM
  2. bubbatex's Avatar
    I downgraded to .75 today b/c of this "stuck" screen problem. Thanks for that link, I think I'll upgrade again tomorrow!
    12-28-08 11:31 PM
  3. kidqwik's Avatar
    I also just experienced this problem for the first time. I loaded .85 this morning and up until now haven't had this issue with .65, .75, or .83.

    The Storm just randomly decided to shut down on me a little while ago. When I restarted it the screen was stuck on the Verizon Wireless screen as described by others. So I pulled the battery:

    Battery Pull 1: Same problem
    Battery Pull 2: Same problem
    Got online at this point checked good ol' Crackberry.com forums and someone advised pulling the media card prior to reinserting the battery. So I took it out:
    Battery Pulls 3&4: Stuck on "Media Card Removed" message. Pressing buttons caused the Verizon Wireless screen to reappear and stay stuck.
    Battery Pull 5: Restarted with the Media Card inserted and everything was fine.

    I'm leaving .85 on here but if I see the problem again I'll downgrade back to .83.

    *Edit* Looks like I spoke too soon. The problem is still occurring so I'm downgrading back to .83.
    .83 has the same problem. Goto .76 or .75.
    12-29-08 09:10 AM
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