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  1. jayj1980's Avatar
    So last week I updated to .83....after a few days I started noticing that my phone would just shut off. I caught the "error 523" a couple of times, but most of the time it would just be laying on the table and when I went to use it, it was off.

    Pressing the power button did nothing...I can actually shake the phone sometimes or randomly press buttons and it will reboot. If that don't work a battery pull is necessary.

    Tuesday, I downgraded back to .75 thinking this would fix it, but I am still getting a few of these a day. I was getting this 3-4 times/day with .83.

    So the question is, is a memory leak causing this? everytime I check it, it's up? Loose battery connection? Corrupted files? Should I wipe out my phone and start over?

    Just wondering if anyone else is getting this and how to try to fix it?

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  2. jayj1980's Avatar I wiped out the phone and reinstalled .83...didn't install any 3rd party apps to make sure this thing runs smooth for atleast 4 days (which is when the problem got the worst) then will be adding apps one at a time! Probably by then there will be a new OS that I can try! lol

    I hope this fixes the memory was leaking pretty bad when first installed. Went from 46.8 to 36.1 in about 30 minutes with no usage what so ever... BBMessenger was of course running in my background, which I don't use so I deleted it.

    Memory after the reset from deleting was up to 51.0 (5:00 pm)....4 hours later (9:00 pm) I was at 53.0! And as I type this (11:42), my phone is at 50.2, even after 2.5 more hours of texting and word mole.

    Looks like BBmessenger is a memory leak in this version...since I don't use it, I don't remember if it was update or not (actual update, not just core update), but that could be a problem with .83 OS.

    I'll try to stay current if any changes occur!

    12-26-08 12:50 AM
  3. jayj1980's Avatar
    been using the phone all day and the lowest my memory has dropped is to 40.9...

    Back up to 49.6 right now. Still haven't installed any 3rd party apps, and probably won't until I have update to .85, or Monday...which ever comes first!

    12-27-08 01:14 AM
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    this is the problem i started having as of today
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