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    So I did a search but didn't find anything.

    I got addicted to Doodle Jump on friends' iPhone weeks ago. Never once searched for Doodle Jump for BB, I think I may have looked before but it was $6.99 so I didn't even bother.

    Since I have 0 games for mine (I've deleted ones I haven't played in awhile), I decided to surf the game section on appworld. So I see Tilt n Jump and think to myself from looking at the screen shots how it looks and is described exactly like Doodle Jump. I downloaded the free light version and to my surprise, it appears to be the same exact game, just different name and main character. Some of the sounds were wacky compared to the iPhone version. But let me tell you it works great for the Storm, I get an occasional busy icon but I think that has mainly to do w/the theme I'm run'n. It's only been a couple days but I've been playing this game alot as I have on other iPhones. This game is hefty (in size) tho, 2.2 megs. If it weren't for me wiping my personal data, restoring it and gaining almost 20 extra megs, I wouldn't have tried it at all.

    So just now, I just searched BB's appworld and Doodle Jump did come up for $1.99 but when you click on it to read the description, an error occurs.

    I'm just curious if Tilt n Jump and Doodle Jump were developed by the same people. Or which one came out first.

    But anyway, since I didn't read anything about it, I recommend it. It's a good time killer.
    09-03-10 01:45 AM