1. cleekie@yahoo.comkylekleckner's Avatar
    i have it installed correctly and everything but when i go to download something OTA (no matter where i download it from) the option to save to SD does not show. i have set all permissions to allow and still nothing even after a battery pull. anyone have any suggestions or is everyone having this issue with Aerize card loader?
    10-26-09 02:01 PM
  2. bradbart's Avatar
    I purchased Aerize Card Loader over the weekend since the Crackberry App Store was offering it for half price. After a couple hours of trial-and-error and web searching I could not get anything on my SD card either, and no OTA option when downloading files. I'm using a Storm 9530 running

    After a couple more hours of trying to figure out how to get COD copies of my apps to the SD card to make Aerize work I finally had some success.

    Here is what I did:

    (I am assumming you have your Blackberry is set up to see the SD Card on your PC in Windows Explorer)

    1. Created a folder called "loader" in the root directory of my SD Card
    2. Downloaded a copy of BBSAK (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife) v1.7 (I would post the link but the forum won't let me because I haven't done enough Crackberry forum posts yet, so just Google for it)
    3. Installed to PC
    4. Connect BB to PC and open BBSAK (It doesn't create any shortcuts during install so you have to create your own or run it from the installation folder)
    5. Enter password (make sure no one is looking over your shoulder because it doesn't hide your password as you enter it)
    6. In BBSAK select the "Modify CODs" tab
    7. Click the "Read System" button (all of your BB's apps will show up to the right)
    8. Highlight an app for which you would like to make a COD file and then click the "Save COD(s)" button
    9. A COD file is saved in the BBSAK install folder in a folder with the apps name
    10. Drag-and-drop the COD file from it's subdirectory in the BBSAK folder to the "loader" folder on your SD Card
    11. Open Aerize Card Loader and see the App on the SD Card in the Application list

    After doing this you can remove apps with Aerize Card Loader and reload them at will. Themes still have to be removed from Options>Themes but can be reloaded from Aerize Card Loader. WHO NEEDS THE OTA SD CARD SAVE OPTION!!!

    One word of WARNING!! Don't remove any apps with Aerize Card Loader that require OTA registration, such as MemoryUp. You will have to reauthorize any software that requires it and some apps lock out the registration code after the software is first authorized (fortunately MemoryUp had mercy on me and allowed one more authorization after contacting them).

    Good Luck!!
    11-03-09 09:06 PM