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    Yes, you read the title right, I ported over from metro. After years of having horrible coverage, and horrible customer service I finally decided it was time for a smart phone and port over.

    I'd just like to point out that I did do some research with other carriers and decided to go with sprint because their $69.99 everything data plan fit perfectly for my needs (and who has a landline phone now-a-days anyways?).

    I'd really love to give them a rating but I'd rather express my thoughts in paragraph form that way you have a clearer understanding of the situation at hand.

    So, about 3 weeks ago I walked into the sprint store and had my eye of the wonderful blackberry curve 8530. Some people wonder why I would go with an 8530. Well, I just LOVE the design. The tour and bold are great when it comes to specs, but in all honestly, specs aren't everything. If I don't love how the phone looks I probably won't buy it. I just happened to like the design of the curve more than it's counterparts.

    So, I walk up to the associate, he greats me, wants to know why I'm there (I explain), and gets excited that I'm switching over to sprint. I let him know that I did my research and wanted the curve with the everything data plan for $69.99. He was more than happy enough to do it for me.

    He asked me where I worked, I told him, and he told me based on my employer I get an AMAZING 27% discount on the plan. I was impressed already. He porting went smoothly, had to wait about 15 minutes because metro takes forever. He gave me a rough estimate on my bill each month (about $68 each month including the ALS charge).

    He told me my first bill may be full price because the discount does take a while to process, but that my second bill will be normal. He also let me know that if I sign up for automatic payment my ALS charge would be waived and I'd only have to pay about $64 a month.

    Overall, the transition went smoothly. Right as I got out of the store, I played with my new phone. It was my first smartphone ever, so you can imagine how I was acting (especially coming from metropcs).

    I absolutely LOVE it, first of all. I also love the reception I get with this phone, and it's amazing fast to what I'm used too. So thumbs up to sprint for their phones, and their plans already.

    I noticed after about 2 days of having my phone, that I would never receive a reply from people that had phones from metropcs. My friends kept on telling me that they would get an error saying that my SMS wasn't subscribed. Funny, I could text them, but they couldn't text me.

    I quickly called customer support, waited about 30 seconds, and started talking to a representative. They transferred me over to technical support, and I spent the next HOUR on the phone with this one lady. Now, I don't think the fact that I was on the phone for an hour with her is a bad thing. It is the fact that she tried EVERYTHING to resolve my problem, and kept apologizing the whole way through for this inconvenience and the long wait. I have never received such great service in all my years of owning a phone.

    In the end, she apologized (again), and submitted a ticket to her supervisor so he could take a look at the problem. She said they would call me within 48 hours to continue this issue, and would be working on it over night and the following day to see if it's resolved when they call me back. Guess what? The following day it was fixed. I got a call from them, asking me if the problem was still occurring, and of course, I told them no. The gentlemen explained to me what the problem was, apologized, and asked what I thought of the last representative. Of course I told him she was amazing because she didn't give up and exhausted every possible solution.

    Since then, I have received my first bill, which was NOT the full amount, it was my discounted amount and got a $5 discount for enrolling in e-bill. So I paid $64 my first month. I have already signed up for automatic bill payment so they'll waive the $5 ALS fee as well.

    All in all, sprint has great customer service, good plans, and great phones. The representatives I was in contact with were very polite and tried to resolve any issues I had ASAP, and the store associates were very knowledgeable (at least here in Miami).

    I would definitely recommend anyone to at least try sprint, because thus far, I have nothing but happy with the service I had received.

    I may pay a little more (about $14 more a month), but with all the new features I get to use, and the service provided, it's well worth it.
    05-29-10 07:34 PM
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    good story enjoy your phone and service and welcome to CB
    05-29-10 10:50 PM
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    Sunny South Florida!!!! It sounds like you went to the store in The Falls. That's where I got my BB Tour and they went above and beyond to meet and exceed my needs. Congrats and welcome to CB!!!!! WARNING!!! YOU WILL GET HOOKED!!!! ( I know I did!!)

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    05-30-10 08:29 AM
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    Its always good to hear a positive story, especially in this day and age where we tend to get so caught up in the negative!! Welcome to Sprint and to CB!! I hope you continue to enjoy your new carrier and your new addiction!!

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    05-30-10 10:28 AM
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    Great story! Welcome to BB, CB and Sprint! Enjoy your time getting more and more hooked!
    05-30-10 06:52 PM