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    With all the lay offs going on at Sprint right now, should I go to them when they offer the Curve? Or am I setting myself up for looking for a new carrier in the next year? If that happens where would all the Sprint customers go?

    I live on the West Coast so my options for EVDO Rev A are Verizon and that's it. I don't want to go to EDGE and who knows when BB 3G on ATT and TMO will be up and running. If Sprint disappears then they won't feel the urgency because they have a captive audience.

    What do you guys think will happen?
    01-18-08 06:27 PM
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    Ithink you'll be just fine. I don't forsee sprint wireless folding.

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    01-18-08 06:42 PM
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    i think everything will be ok too
    01-18-08 09:28 PM
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    Hmm, since the common practice these days is to merge with other companies to stay afloat, I'm predicting we'll be Verizon customers in a couple of years. Of course I'll be wherever the cheapest data plans are.
    01-19-08 01:02 AM
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    New SPRINT CEO is wondering whether to keep SPRINT in the BROADBAND business altogether!!!

    Stay "tuned" or just wait for the notification in your mailbox!

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    01-19-08 02:06 AM
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    This is what Sprint employees are saying about the layoffs. baw - Sprint layoffs? - Suggestions for Sprint - Buzz About Wireless
    01-19-08 09:26 AM
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    Sprint is screwed. They have dug themselves into their own grave, something they will most likely never overcome, and will be bought out by a competing wireless provider. There are still major problems with Sprint that weren't even addressed in today's news. What about WiMax and Xohm? We know that it was rated as not being a 4G network, more like a 3.5G rating for WiMax. Also, what about the rebanding? That is costing Sprint an arm and a leg, and it still isn't completed. The FCC is big time peeved about that one, and has already threatened to shut down parts of the network that have not been repaired. Even if Sprint does manage somehow to survive, the company is so badly damaged it would take years for it to regain a decent position. Loosing customers at a rate of 500,000 per quarter, that 20 million customer base isn't going to last long, when you loose 2 million customers per year. Their best option right now is to cut the Nextel network loose. Tell everyone to Switch to CDMA, or pick another carrier. Sell the Iden network to the government, and alleviate yourself of the problems with the whole mess of rebanding. This would build Sprint a huge cash reserve, and could be used to repair the badly damaged company. It will be years (if ever again) before Sprint will be able to be competitive in the cellular market.
    01-19-08 09:34 AM
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    I totally agree! The Nextel is a sinking ship for them on top of the other problems. I think they are moving forward to get rid of IDEN since they have made a major step in the Unified Billing System (UBS). They have viritually stop releasing new IDEN phones on their network.

    My thoughts are they should have "Cleaned House" four years ago when they merged. Now it is going to cost them more than money to rebuild their company.
    01-19-08 09:42 AM
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    I feel no sympathy for Sprint at all--I was a loyal user, and they didn't go out of their way at ALL to keep me when my contract was over, and I wanted to get a BB....which sent me in search of a better deal, and a new carrier.

    It's all well and good to get NEW customers, but if you don't take care of your OLD ones, then you lose your loyalty base.
    01-19-08 09:54 AM
  10. fyrfyter's Avatar
    I feel no sympathy for Sprint at all--I was a loyal user, and they didn't go out of their way at ALL to keep me when my contract was over, and I wanted to get a BB....which sent me in search of a better deal, and a new carrier.

    It's all well and good to get NEW customers, but if you don't take care of your OLD ones, then you lose your loyalty base.
    That's exactly the way I feel. When my contract is up in July, I am gone, unless I can get out sooner with the pro-rated ETF without paying an arm and a leg. Sprints CS is horrible. I am tired of dealing with them. At least when Nextel was around, I could talk to Gov't customer care. Now I can't even talk to them and have to deal with normal CS who pretty much have no idea about iden. What a mess. Can't wait to cut the ropes, and switch to a different carrier and get me a BB!
    01-19-08 12:46 PM
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    First of all, let me say that it's unfortunate for those who will be without a job, and I pray for them and their families. Whomever is happy that a company who provides 60,000 jobs for our economy is struggling is not very educated on what this sort of thing does to our economy. Second of all, as bad as it sounds, this is long overdue. The company does not need 2 of everything, and it's about time they brought someone in to "clean house". I hope that they get rid of those employees who are there to just get a paycheck and not to help the customer and work as a team. I get very tired of people constantly bad mouthing companies as a whole because there are good and bad people in every company at every level. There is more anger towards Sprint than towards Enron, or many of the mortgage companies that STOLE peoples money! I work with a bunch of guys who do everything they can to help customer's issues NO MATTER WHAT! There have been tons of changes, and only more to come that will help turn Sprint around. I know that our store started calling new customers and customers who came into our store to upgrade their phones, as well as those who had constant service and repair issues, at 48 hours, 30 days, and 90 days to make sure everything is okay with their service. We started it in November and it has been an overwhelming task, but well worth it, because our customers seem genuinley glad to hear from us. I'd personally like to see the rest of the company take on this whole attitude and hopefully they will! As far as Sprint going under...let's not forget that they are still profitable! Revenue from their MVNOs (helio, virgin mobile, boost) always helps, plus the larger business accts, (intel, US postal service, US Marshalls etc.) always help.
    01-20-08 03:55 PM
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    i have had sprint for a year and have had to call them every month because theirs employees are clueless. they are always messing up my bill and have added things i never ask for. i wouldnt go with sprint if i were you!!!
    01-20-08 04:01 PM
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    I've rarely had issues with Sprint, you just have be careful who you end up talking to, (as you do with anyone's CS reps, some people really don't care to know much about anything) and call during the afternoon, or morning, instead of the evening. I re-signed after my two year went up, and don't regret it at all.
    01-22-08 11:39 PM
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    I am new to this forum so please don't bash me for giving my 2cents... Sprint is going through many problems I do agree with that. They do look good to the wolfs out there right now due to the value of the company. It would be a good buy. I don't think they will go away anytime soon though because of the debt.

    Anyway, my point to my reply is this. Sprint is not only a wireless company. They still own most of the fiber network across the nation. They play a huge roll as the backbone to the internet we all surf daily. Just something to think about...
    01-23-08 11:18 PM
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    hi ,, try email support instead of calling,,,, use ecare1@cc.sprintpcs.com

    they are phenomenal
    01-24-08 04:21 AM
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    I think they are going to drop faster than any of us previously thought. See this and how they are working to take more of your money if you have 3 or more lines. This is an overall increase in fees, and is grounds for ETF Waiving.
    Cancel your Sprint / Nextel contract without an Early Termination Fee | UCAN

    I also found this doing some digging around. It appears that WiMax may be dead for now. Hesse has frozen any action on it, and may be getting ready to sell the iden Network Here is the info:

    Sprint Preps Price War - News & Analysis - Telecom - S - LEAP
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    01-24-08 03:51 PM