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  1. RJB55's Avatar
    Thought I'd swing by and mention that I moved my service to T-Mobile for a few reasons. First and probably the biggest one is how they treated my wife when she moved to Sprint from Verizon. Her needs were simple, not a smart phone user at the time, and they sold her what turned out to be a no longer being made LG slider that was a phone with a lot of problems from the start, and really did nothing which actually helped her, including wanting $50 for a new battery when hers died after 6 months. She finally had enough and moved to T-Mobile and has been very happy with them.

    Beyond that my primary reason for moving was that it didn't appear Sprint was ever going offer the Passport or Classic. I'd been very patient and continued to use my 9930 but really wanted to upgrade and didn't want the Z-10 or Q-10 offered by Sprint so I guess I ran out of patience.

    So far so good at T-Mobile for my Passport and me.
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    05-05-15 11:19 AM
  2. sachamo's Avatar
    That's great news to hear that you moved from Sprint

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    05-05-15 11:22 AM
  3. mad_mdx's Avatar
    T-mobile doesn't offer the passport or classic though...
    05-05-15 11:24 AM
  4. JRM1014's Avatar
    i just left sprint this weekend, got tired of waiting for an update or new blackberry..plus the service was really bad...was a lil afraid of going sim free, but love it only after 3 days, me and my z30 are enjoying tmobile......
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    05-05-15 11:27 AM
  5. RJB55's Avatar
    T-mobile doesn't offer the passport or classic though...
    The beautiful thing is they don't care if you buy an unlocked BlackBerry for use on their network. Heck they even installed a nano SIM in my Passport when I moved my number to their network at one of their stores. No problems at all for me to report with T-Mo's service, so I'm good, and a happy customer so far.

    I think wifi calling is the one thing that doesn't work on my Passport with T-Mo, there maybe others but not that I'm aware of. I use BBM and/or Skype if I need to call over wifi.

    Who knows maybe one of these days Chen and Legere will patch things up and T-Mo will offer BlackBerry's again.
    05-05-15 12:56 PM
  6. CTU2fan's Avatar
    Yea, when I leave it will be to TMo.

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    05-05-15 02:22 PM
  7. scrannel's Avatar
    Currently wifi-calling will only work on branded OR unbranded models like they originally sold: 100-3, Z10 and the 100-5, Q10. Requires their OS also to work.
    05-07-15 08:32 AM
  8. anon(2313227)'s Avatar
    I left 2 years ago after being with them since 1997 with started StarTac. They just kept changing things and didn't offer value anymore. Mostly stayed for the longest time because of SERO plans. went to TMO pre-paid, no contacts hidden charges.
    05-07-15 09:30 AM
  9. juanoblackcrack's Avatar
    RJB55: how'd you know that?

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    05-07-15 12:22 PM
  10. scrannel's Avatar
    T-mo back in theBBerry biz, classic avail about the 15th, not sure if it comes with WFC out of the box. But it will get it.
    05-07-15 09:18 PM
  11. Ponyboy24's Avatar
    Same here, left Sprint after 15 years. Got tired of waiting for then to carry new Blackberry phones, so at least now I have a newer Z30. At least, new to me!

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    05-11-15 12:53 PM
  12. Alberto8's Avatar
    I left sprint after many years. Started with Nextel and then continued with sprint. Jumped to ATT to get the Z10. Fell in love with the Z10 but did not like the price of ATT service. Then I bought an unlocked Z30 and moved to T-Mobile. I am ver happy with t hem. Now I have a passport and it works great.

    Sprint needs to support BlackBerry but I know they won't because they sold their soul to the devil (apple). They got to meet their ridiculous iphone quota.

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    05-19-15 12:20 PM
  13. dphjeff's Avatar
    I have been with Nextel from the beginning and with Sprint sense there purchase of Nextel.
    I'm ordering a new unlocked Z30 for the wife and trying out a new carrier for a few weeks. If I like the network I'm getting a passport for myself and it's good riddens to Sprint. They can keep sucking up all that apple juice and loosing customers.
    By the way didn't T-Mobile pass them for third?
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    05-28-15 05:17 PM
  14. scrannel's Avatar
    Also was with Nextel (iDEN service), then tried them when they became Sprint/CDMA but I needed GSM because I suddenly found myself in Europe a lot, so went with T-Mo. Ironically, Nextel had a dual mode phone, but Sprint didn't seem to. Liked Sprint, but that's because in So Cal reception is generally good on all carriers. But now I need Wifi-Calling because our home is in an all-carrier Black Hole. So, sticking with T-Mo. Just about practicality. Yes, think T-Mo is now #3... if it matters.
    05-29-15 09:56 AM

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