04-15-09 07:39 PM
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  1. latinlegacy's Avatar
    We need hackers..were are they lol
    ok we here whats going down waiting fo cody and p and some others
    04-07-09 06:53 PM
  2. blackmagik84's Avatar
    Dayum, i wish my mms was embedded, especially half the time when i hang up from a call my internet doesn't work until i reset the bb. congrats
    04-07-09 07:03 PM
  3. Slingbox's Avatar
    yeah hes Busted lol
    04-07-09 07:21 PM
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    04-07-09 07:24 PM
  5. Slingbox's Avatar

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    Hes a lonely guy that wants friends.
    04-07-09 07:26 PM
  6. latinlegacy's Avatar
    he's a big lair **** aint real
    04-07-09 07:42 PM
  7. Slingbox's Avatar
    kinda funny he hasn't posted in awhile
    He might be getting ready to drop make believe Service Books
    04-07-09 07:44 PM
  8. c1971ace's Avatar
    That's why I called his bluff on the 11th post of this thread....this is all crap

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    04-07-09 07:50 PM
  9. latinlegacy's Avatar
    04-07-09 08:03 PM
  10. asdf002's Avatar
    still no service books posted pretty funny stuff, im pretty sure i know how he is tricking everyone gotta say its pretty clever if you send a mms and you go check your mms out box on your phone it shows up exactly how he is posting it, but if you look at the format of how messages are for text or mms normaly they come up different on sprint phones so all he is doing is showing photos images from his out box which makes it look like he is actually getting true mms

    now as you can see i sent him a pic and he posted it the way he was able to was to save the image i sent him the re-create it exactly and send it to him self so that it shows up that same pretty sneaky but a good trick on his part either way this post was nothing more then smoke in mirrors but gotta give the guy credit
    sorry, ran to the gym and ran some errands. well it is unfortunate that instead of helping me determine how i get embedded mms i am being called a liar who uses "smoke and mirrors." firstly, i posted this subject on this forum b/c i know there are very knowledgeable ppl on this forum that could help get embedded mms on other curves. like the poster above said I have no motivation to come on here to post false information. \

    secondly, if you look at your curve's inbox/outbox you would notice that all SENT mms/sms have a checkmark to the left, as opposed to the envelope for RECEIVED mms/sms. if you refer back to my pictures you can see that all the mms i received have envelops. plus when you view the "mms outbox" folder there will be a little title towards the top of the list that reads "mms outbox." again refer back to my pics and you will see that, that line isn't there b/c it is in fact my inbox and not the "mms outbox" folder. in addition, if you were to click on one of the mms in the "mms outbox" folder there are 3 lines above the actual picture 1) "To:" 2) "Sent Date" and 3) "Subject." look at the pics i posted and you will see that there are 4 lines above the received embedded mms, the 3 above and a 4th line that reads "From:." in the picture of the mms i received from bdizzle, i blocked out the number after the "from:" b/c he didnt want his number posted, but if you look at this one

    you will see that in fact it was from a person in my address book and sent to me (402 number). please look at your sent mms as bdizzle recommends and compare it to the one above and you will see what i am talking about.

    well i really dont know how else to explain this, but i will have pictures of my service books up in a bit (camera is charging). i will also try to post a video of me receiving and opening a mms, hopefully bdizzle will help me with this and send me a new mms.

    again I am not trying to "make friends" on this forum i just want to try to figure out why my phone started to receive embedded mms's. b/c im pretty sure a lot of ppl on this forum would be very interested in this.
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    04-07-09 09:44 PM
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    Yah. I am out grabbing dinner while my camera charges.

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    04-07-09 10:17 PM
  12. SdotA85's Avatar
    OK guys he is not lying.. The picture pops right up now when i recv MMS.
    04-07-09 11:08 PM
  13. asdf002's Avatar
    OK guys he is not lying.. The picture pops right up now when i recv MMS.
    really? have you done anything to your curve recently? i wonder if sprint is moving towards true mms and just randomly activating it on accounts/devices.
    04-07-09 11:16 PM
  14. Slingbox's Avatar
    Ive sent service books twice this evening getting no update for true mms.
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    04-07-09 11:29 PM
  15. asdf002's Avatar
    well heres a video. sorry for the angle but i wanted to make sure i captured what my thumb was doing.

    1) first I went to "mms inbox" folder to filter out mms
    2) opened up dbizzle's mms
    3) opened up a mms w/ embedded video of me recording the actual post (from gf's curve)
    4) opened up various mms
    5) pointed out "MMS inbox"

    again sorry for the angle haha.
    04-08-09 12:03 AM
  16. Slingbox's Avatar
    Looks real to me.
    04-08-09 12:34 AM
  17. asdf002's Avatar
    04-08-09 12:42 AM
  18. Slingbox's Avatar
    asdf002 ,post service books pics so we can figure out whats going on
    04-08-09 12:44 AM
  19. Slingbox's Avatar
    It should look like

    asd , Were are your either books at?
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    04-08-09 12:54 AM
  20. asdf002's Avatar
    actually none of the apps i run require service books. i don't have BIS anymore but i do still have access to my account on sprint.blackberry.com and can still resent my service books if needed. for some reason a lot of my service books are hidden. if i were to extract an ipd file using bb desktop manager the number of service books listed on the ipd file would be higher.

    edit...i did have facebook, pocket express, wap push config but deleted all of them since i don't need them.

    btw is there a way to take a screenshot of bb screen w/o a camera?
    04-08-09 12:55 AM
  21. Slingbox's Avatar
    btw is there a way to take a screenshot of bb screen w/o a camera?
    CaptureIt screen capture Jad file..its a free app
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    04-08-09 01:05 AM
  22. asdf002's Avatar
    CaptureIt screen capture Jad file..its a free app
    thx...i dont know how i missed that app

    04-08-09 01:20 AM
  23. Slingbox's Avatar
    Mine are same as your
    04-08-09 01:26 AM
  24. asdf002's Avatar
    Mine are same as your
    yeah my gf's and brothers' are the same too. thats why this is so bothersome.

    i hope this is something sprint is gonna implement on all sprint bb's. if this is the case we could use the time table from the introduction of mms to sprint curves as a testament to this phenomenon. i say by the end of next week most if not all sprint curve users will have "true mms."
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    04-08-09 01:31 AM
  25. Slingbox's Avatar
    Well thanks for posting video and screen shots , Im crashing
    Enjoy true mms
    04-08-09 01:38 AM
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