12-19-12 11:59 AM
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  1. decypher44's Avatar
    Been trying to txt a photo all afternoon and it keeps bombing. Sprint just recently had to reprogram my phone for "calling area" deal. Could that be it?
    04-08-12 10:22 PM
  2. MrLynd54's Avatar
    Have you tried using the area code first?
    04-08-12 11:04 PM
  3. decypher44's Avatar
    Yeah. Called Sprint. Rep said "National Outage". Not sure how true that is, but that's what he said. Supposedly will be fixed around midnight. He sent some update to my phone. Nothing changed.
    04-08-12 11:48 PM
  4. Ponyboy24's Avatar
    Been trying to txt a photo all afternoon and it keeps bombing. Sprint just recently had to reprogram my phone for "calling area" deal. Could that be it?
    decypher44, I've had that problem before. When I'd go to send any text, I'd get the red "X" saying unable to send. Someone on the forums suggested that I update the PRL and my Profile.

    Networks and Connections > Mobile Network > Then hit BB (menu) key and select Update Profile and also Update PRL.

    That worked for my device. Good luck!
    04-09-12 12:04 PM
  5. decypher44's Avatar

    I've updated PRL and Profile, and still no luck! So damn frustrating!!! I can send text, but no MMS.
    04-09-12 12:18 PM
  6. decypher44's Avatar
    OMG, I'm getting pissed. MMS still isn't working. Talked to three support people over the past two days. Tried everything, including restoring my 9930 with DM. Still nothing! Called back and they are closed.

    I mentioned to them that they just had me reprogram the phone a few days ago because of the calling area. None of them knew what I was talking about. Not sure if that's the cause, but I hate it when people that work for a company don't know what the company is doing.

    Anyone have any other ideas???
    04-10-12 12:44 AM
  7. zeks's Avatar
    I have the same issue. My issue started Saturday April 7th. I'm a Sprint tech so tomorrow when I go in I"ll continue to try to resolve this. I also had a network ticket create for me and they couldn't find an issue. I have a coworker and several customers come in to the store with the same issue. I reached out to other stores in my area and they have reported the same thing with a couple of their customers. Funny thing is I was certain it wasn't a device issue, but after briefly activating my old 9630, I was able to send and receive MMS. I'm going to post in our internal forums and hopefully find a resolution to this.
    04-10-12 11:51 PM
  8. decypher44's Avatar
    Zeks - Mine probably went out on Saturday, too. They just opened a ticket for me tonight, and I'm sure I'll get a call saying there is no known problem. So frustrating! Please keep us posted!


    ETA: were the other people reporting problems also BB users?
    04-11-12 12:14 AM
  9. zeks's Avatar
    Yes. I was able to narrow it down that only bb users are currently experiencing this. But not all bb users. I actually tested our two store demos. One a 9930 the other a 9350 and those were working fine.
    04-11-12 01:12 AM
  10. nappp's Avatar
    I just bought my 9930 yesterday. love it so far but I buy it during an outage week??! ugh
    04-11-12 01:14 AM
  11. decypher44's Avatar
    The store demo 9930 worked? Mine is a 9930. I have a bad feeling that I won't get this resolved and I'll have to get yet another replacement. Seems like every two weeks, there's another reason to leave BB. Unfortunately, there's still quite a bit of life left on my current contract.
    04-11-12 01:20 AM
  12. raiderfan#CB's Avatar
    Saturday night was when I fist noticed.....glad im not alone
    04-11-12 07:22 AM
  13. decypher44's Avatar
    Raiderfan- have you called support? If not, it would be helpful if you did. When they hear from 1 or 2 people, they think it's isolated or user error. When they hear from several people, then they would need to really look at solving the problem.
    04-11-12 09:53 AM
  14. decypher44's Avatar
    To anyone having this issue, it would help if you comment here:

    Official Sprint Support Forum - Unable to send/receive MMS
    04-11-12 10:36 AM
  15. lilituc's Avatar
    I've been having the same problem since yesterday afternoon. Sorry, I don't remember how to sign in to the Sprint forums.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9930 using Tapatalk
    04-11-12 11:30 AM
  16. decypher44's Avatar
    Just FYI -

    I started a discussion on Sprint's community board. There is another person that just posted that he, too, has a 9930 and is having the same problem. We both live in Orange County, CA
    04-11-12 06:07 PM
  17. nappp's Avatar
    I called sprint. they said conveniently it should be resolved tonight. said its been affecting phones since march 12th. of course I don't believe it, but its the answer the rep gave me
    04-11-12 09:12 PM
  18. zeks's Avatar
    I posted in our internal forums, have someone from Kansas looking into now. Started a network investigation. Hopefully within a couple of days we'll have a resolution.
    04-12-12 12:30 AM
  19. ocolladojr's Avatar
    I noticed this issue on April 7 when my phone was trying to download an MMS and eventually drained my battery in about an hour. Last night, I spent over an hour on the phone with a Sprint rep. We went through every step in the book including a hard reset. He ultimately gave me a ticket # stating that I would hear back from Sprint in the next 36-48 hours as he forwarded the issue to the Network Engineer team to resolve.
    04-12-12 10:21 AM
  20. decypher44's Avatar
    Well, still no resolution. One thing I despise is when a rep says that they are aware of an outage and will be fixed in a couple of hours. It doesn't matter if the outage is something that's actually causing YOUR problem, it's just the easiest way to end the support call. Grrrrrr!
    04-12-12 10:40 AM
  21. johnmarki's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem with my 9930 as well. However, it seems slightly worse than what some of you have been describing. I'm running OS 7.1.0 921, on BIS, and have never installed any "pirate" apps, or unofficial OS's. I started noticing these issues (1 at a time, progressively getting worse) since Monday, April 9th. The following problems are what I'm experiencing:

    1. Receiving Emails "Late" 2-3 Minutes after being sent. (My Playbook on WiFi gets them first)
    2. Error Sending TXT, MMS, and BBMs. (No Error Code on TXT, SMS, MMS) (Little red clock on BBM's)
    3. When receiving a phone call, my phone sends caller straight to voice mail.
    4. Sprint Network says 1EXV Full Bars, However I'm connected to 3g with the Sprint Airvana and notice that I'm getting 3g speeds
    5. Profile and PRL will not load
    6. Service Books wont re-send

    I've tried restoring the phone, updating the email, resending service books, updating Profile/PRL, and yelling at the phone from a close proximity, but still NOTHING! I can make phone calls, send emails, surf the web, receive txts, sms, mms, and bbms and use apps, with no problems or delays. My account is in good standing and I've had no problems with this 9930 since the original launch 9930 bricked.

    If it helps anyone out there, I will post this on the Sprint Forums as was suggested by decypher.

    I appreciate all of your input. Hopefully we can get this resolved.
    Last edited by johnmarki; 04-12-12 at 11:27 AM. Reason: Added Additional Info to clarify Issues.
    04-12-12 11:16 AM
  22. decypher44's Avatar
    Just got a call back from support on the ticket. The girl had me do the same exact steps that the previous three did. Before we started, but after she told me what we were going to do, I told her those steps have been done several times already. She said it will work this time. NOPE. So now she's "escalating" it higher.
    04-12-12 01:54 PM
  23. zeks's Avatar
    If you guys dont mind sending me your info details via PM is fine. They want more data. Thanks.

    04-12-12 02:48 PM
  24. lilituc's Avatar
    I seem to be able to send successfully today. I'm also using an Airvana.
    04-12-12 04:29 PM
  25. decypher44's Avatar
    Still no-go for me.
    04-12-12 05:15 PM
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