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    Phrases like AFAIK, PR are defined already but more could probably be added to the list. Some could stand to be added to a common list of terms across the various Mobile Nations forums if they're generic enough. Some additions I can think of:

    AC/CB/MN/WPC (Mobile Nations stuff)
    BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service)
    IIRC (if I recall correctly)
    MNO (mobile network operator--not as common as MVNO below)
    MVNO (mobile virtual network operator)
    NA (North America)
    pkb (physical keyboard)
    ROW (rest of the world)
    svLTE (simultaneous voice and LTE)
    TMO (T-Mobile)
    VZN/VZW (Verizon Wireless)
    vkb (virtual keyboard)
    voLTE (voice over LTE)

    Also...Google Page Ranking was the most common usage for PR the programmer could think of, really??
    09-17-15 04:18 PM

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