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    I see no use in reading a topic that has at least 100 or more posts or really more than 30 or more because in my humble opinion most aren't on the original topic anymore so.

    What is the point of a topic that has unfocused replies?

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    02-02-15 01:06 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    A couple things
    1) don't post duplicate threads about the same subject, you started 3 in 5 minutes about this
    2) it doesn't belong in the z10 forum so please post in the correct one next time

    And we do not limit conversation as long as its within the rules. There is no need to "limit" the length of threads. Sometimes you cant get answer with 30 posts. Sometimes its a fun thread were the object is to keep it going. We like to keep threads open for possible solutions or additions that might come along at a later date as well. This helps people from creating many new threads because all of them are closed. The forum is here for reading and discussion with others. If you don't want to join in one that has 50 post because you dont see the value in it then you don't have to and you can stick to your 5-10 post topics.
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    02-02-15 01:40 AM

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