1. to boldly go's Avatar
    The site is being nasty extraordinare today. First it locked up on letting me type in my password, I gave up and pulled the battery out of my WIFI TO UNFREEZE MY PHONE. Then I got back in, and it took about 45 seconds to let my password letters appear on the screen, and even before I logged in it was freezing up and gave me a popup error page about "javascript alert http error 403 flag flag report comment 2591102?" (question mark is part of the number).

    Then, ALSO before I even tried to log in,
    "MEDIA ERROR there was an error retrieving media metadata information, this media cannot be played."

    Which was good, because I was not trying to play any media!

    Then, I tried to reply with quote to a post I considered snarky and way over the top compared to a post of mine that got deleted as an attack post for asking someone if they have ever used a BlackBerry, but, today, my post was not to be, because my QUOTED POST in my reply got automatically DELETED right before my eyes before I even typed even a single letter of my own reply comment.

    Again, big freeze, battery- pull on the wifi to get my kidnapped phone back, having no fun whatsoever touching this nasty site and went to my text program to type this instead of the post I tried to make..

    BTW note to moderators, please attack and delete ALL rude snarky out of line posters, I know, sometimes can be a full time job on this place finding in all the posts where the snark actually begins.

    People bothering to comment that a poster can look up their own answer instead of asking a question, people bothering to post that they thought someone's thread topic was stupid, and these are all NEW comments, we are putting up with a dogpoop atmosphere in here besides making it hard to use the forum to bother to speak up about anything at all, makes it a bad idea to come here.

    ANDB How about some kind of UPDATE as to WHYwe can't fix the bugs in this site no matter how many years people bother to complain? My phone gets kind of warm coming here too. Today using BlackBerry Classic.

    White. SQC100-1.
    11-14-16 12:54 PM
  2. James Falconer's Avatar
    Were you in one of our apps, or in the browser?
    11-15-16 05:43 PM

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