1. crackd11's Avatar
    i would like to see one called trending.

    in particular what's trending in smart phones, or what's selling at your local carrier outlet

    For example, i went searching for a working Z30 display model the other day. As i went to the different carrier outlets, I asked what was selling and why.

    I was surprised by how sales broke down from one carrier to another.

    for instance,Rogers, I asked hows the iphone selling. He said they are way down. He said the reason was too much fragmentation. i was surprised. too much fragmentation? isn't that android's thing? He then went over the 27 different variations of apple. They want to buy a blue and they want it in 16 gig, or they just a 16 gig in gold, or how about a black one then in 64gig. We can't stock all these variations and a lot of times these people end out walking out with a samsung with sd card in tote.
    As far as blackberry, almost none existent in sales.

    Go to Telus. Here they said they sell a lot of apple. also they said q10 doing quite well and they even move some Z30's.

    just would be kinda cool to have an ongoing snapshot of whats selling around people in their area of the globe.
    11-26-13 09:18 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    awesome idea!
    11-26-13 09:29 AM

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