1. Gabriela Lamberti's Avatar
    We need a forum for Movistar network

    Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!
    03-15-14 06:50 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    I've moved this to the Site News & Feedback forum -- where it will be noted by the admins.
    03-15-14 07:25 AM
  3. James Falconer's Avatar
    Noted, will post a link here when done
    03-17-14 08:36 AM
  4. James Falconer's Avatar
    03-17-14 01:04 PM
  5. Cienciadoc's Avatar
    Found this forum, but against to my expectations, nothing has been posted, though the service is almost a pain in the *** from time to time. I live in Ushuaia, Argentina. One thing that stands for Movistar is that neither Personal nor Claro have better service.

    Posted via CB10
    10-03-15 09:21 PM

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