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    Assuming that CrackBerry management wants the "Priv" to be successful, may I modestly suggest that CrackBerry compile a link list that lets users from various countries get on the "preorder" or "keep me posted" page for various carriers?

    That is, not everyone is going to want to buy from ShopBlackBerry.com at full unsubsidized price, but CrackBerry IS keeping track as new carriers worldwide come online with their pricing and availability information, so I suggest adding to that link that lets you go to ShopBlackBerry.com a separate link to "get it from your carrier" which will link to a page that will have regional section with a country index at the top and a list of carriers preorder or info pages... and that Telus "Priv Simulator" thing would also help build interest.
    10-25-15 02:35 PM

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