1. mikeo007's Avatar
    I saw a post in general about Blackberry magazines in print, and I thought that a Mobile Nations magazine might be a really good read.

    Has this idea ever been tossed around before? I'm thinking something like Engadget's Distro, except with a Mobile Nations vibe. I often don't have time to visit the front pages of all the sites, but I think it would be great if I could just grab my Kindle or iPad, sit back, and read a condensed version of this week/month's mobile nations happenings.
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    12-04-12 05:00 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    It's an interesting idea, especially now with the passport. Such a magazine could feature key blogs from each of the sites, plus other features. I like it, not sure how the community feel, BUT I will point this thread out to my bosses.
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    12-04-12 09:19 PM

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