1. ferre_kun's Avatar
    The site broke when I log in just now. The fonts are bigger and stretched outside the view and the crackberry logo is gone. It's back to normal when I open a thread, but broke again when I want to make a comment. I tried to attach a screenshot but I think it doesn't work and I have to rewrite this all over again.

    Is there anyone else having a broken homepage of crackberry too?

    EDIT: the attachment worked lol
    Attached Thumbnails a bug on mobile version?-capture_20130127195117.jpg  
    01-27-13 08:40 AM
  2. ferre_kun's Avatar
    It's back to normal again now, thanks for fixing it if anyone did. Sorry if it's just my  messed up and no one fixed anything ;p
    01-27-13 12:15 PM
  3. James Falconer's Avatar
    Glad I could um.... help?

    Let me know if this ever happens again, will take a look for ya.
    01-28-13 12:50 AM

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