1. jaylew's Avatar
    I installed the new launcher for the forums and I didn't like it, so I tried to delete it and I deleted the wrong one. Anybody know where I can find the older launcher that takes you stright to the wap index and allowed you to change the color of the launcher??

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    12-30-09 04:10 PM
  2. JM19's Avatar
    I'm looking for the same one,,,can someone please post where we can get it? Since installing the new one, I'm having problems getting on, and honestly, I don't like the new one.
    01-09-10 05:24 AM
  3. JM19's Avatar
    found it on another thread posted on here...

    01-09-10 05:28 AM
  4. mjbesen310's Avatar
    yeah I went back to the older version too. I could not stand the new one
    01-09-10 11:32 AM