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    So you want to make a poll... BUT, it's got you a little confused...

    No problem! This guide will turn you into a world class pollster in no time!

    First things first, this guide will assume you already know how to start a thread. If you don't, take a step back and checkout [Guide] How to start a thread first.

    On to the task at hand..

    In order to create a poll, you are going to start a new thread as you normally would.. Go ahead and type out a title for your thread and a great first post!

    Next, scroll down to the bottom and find "additional options" at the bottom of which you'll see "Post a poll"

    Check off the post a poll box, and then type in a number for how many choices you'd like your poll to have.. the default is 4, but you can choose anything from 2 to 10.

    Then go ahead and hit the submit thread button at the bottom.

    Now you're thinking BUT WAIT! I haven't put in my question or my poll options.. I don't want to submit the thread!

    And that's the most common question from new users trying to post a poll.. the system isn't very intuitive in that way, because it doesn't tell you this until AFTER you push the submit a thread button.. BUT once the thread has been submitted you will then be re-directed to setup your poll.

    The next page you see should look like this..

    The first field is where you will fill in the poll question and then depending on the amount of choices you choose on the last page there will be 2 to 10 boxes for your poll choices.

    Go ahead and fill in each of those boxes, and if you decide you made a mistake or would like to have more or less choices you can edit the "Number of poll options" box and click "update options"

    Directly below the poll choices you'll see 3 options you can check or uncheck..

    The first being wether or not you'd like to allow people to check more then one option in your poll.

    The second being whether or not you'd like people's responses to be public -this means everyone will see who picked what option

    The third option is automatically parse links in text. If you aren't familiar with this don't worry about it. You'll just leave that checked by default.

    Once you've got your poll all setup the way you like it go ahead and click submit new poll at the very bottom.

    At this point you will be taken to your new thread which should look something like this..

    Happy polling!
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    Excellent work!
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