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    Once there is factual evidence that there is a full outage, or effecting a specific carrier, That main active thread will be stickied until the problem is resolved.

    This section will be used for notification updates, on service and reports on no service with BIS and BES. All other device related issues check you specific device section.

    Once the problem is fixed and things are working again the thread will remain stuck for an hour or so with an update post.

    Creating a thread about a specific carrier please use this format in the title

    Date/Carrier/BIS or BES/ - Fill in those specific fields

    Example - 2/16/2008 T-Mobile/BIS Outage

    As long as those three aspects are there, this will help keep the outage section organized to what is currently being worked on or old news......

    Also please check to see if an active thread about a certain carrier outage is currently being addressed in the forum below. And remember that all carriers might be having on and off problems themselves. Something not working right for a hour or so... Might not be major... But a reboot of the device or resending service books might fix the issue

    If you have access to trouble tickets, or any other details please let me or another moderator not and we will edit the top posts with up to date details.

    09-22-09 12:48 PM