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    Hi Guys,
    First time on a forum so be gentel. I just got my new BP 8220 Pearl Flip shipped from China via reputable ebay dealer. ( I loved my old one but died) I use tmoble.
    My dead phone got great reception no problems my temp LG phone also great.
    But when I put the SIM card in the new 8220 it gets max two bars and drops about every call . went to tmoble and got new simcard, no change. the phone goes between " edge & GMS " and sometimes searching for network.

    Is there a setting in the phone I need to change? ...or
    Does the phone need to be uploaded with tmoble software and where is it.?
    Tmoble support is worthless!
    Thanks for the help!

    Ronnie in Denver
    10-02-12 04:13 PM