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    I am writing an economics research paper on the economic impact of major blackberry service outages on RIM.
    Does anyone know where I could find a reliable list of these outages?

    My current List: May 07, Feb 08, Dec 12, Dec 12 (again), Mar 10, Oct 11, Sept 12

    Thank you,

    *obviously RIM is not eager to make this information available
    10-09-12 12:48 AM
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    AFAIK there is no central resource now. There was a third party website at one time, but it was discontinued because the owner didn't have funding to run it as a goodwill effort.You can scan the reports in our "outages" forum but you will need to apply serious filtering and intelligent human analysis to what you find there. I anticipate you will find several problems with the user reports, including:

    (a) Users are often unable to discriminate between RIM failures and carrier issues (maybe tower outages), or simply refuse to accept these are completely different animals.
    (b) Network support staff often try to blame anyone except the network, so the finger is pointed at "Blackberry" because RIM is not there to vote against it.
    (c) Users will report planned maintenance upgrades (RIM service or carrier level) as critical outages.
    (d) We get many reports which are never verified. Many may be due to something as simple as network (radio) coverage or tower maintenance, but still reported as "RIM outage". In some cases we have even seen users with blocked service (bought a stolen phone, or unpaid charges) who are absolutely adamant that the fault is with RIM.
    (e) This is the internet. We have a some stupid users and few dedicated BlackBerry haters who will inflate and exaggerate reports, then mass hysteria seems to begin. You would not believe the number of times we have seen a reported outage isolated to one region cause enraged users all around the world to claim they are impacted. Compensation Culture?

    From my own perspective (working mainly in Europe) we have seen only one real and significant RIM outage in the past 4 years - the widely discussed multi-day problem about 12 months ago, which had little or no impact on service provided to North American users. However I take a more practical view than many. As a working engineer I understand the problems around distributed technical systems, and I am prepared to accept downtime for maintenance. In my scheme "RIM/BlackBerry outage" should be applied only to unplanned interruptions which are proved to be attributed directly to the RIM infrastructure and outside the control of the carrier networks. Unfortunately (b) above seems to be relevant on too many occasions.
    10-09-12 06:44 AM

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