1. stuckinaloop's Avatar
    Just letting everyone know Boost is having some service outages (that are only affecting sms/mms messages). I confirmed this on the phone with a cs rep (after a 48 minute wait..apparently I'm not the only one concerned).

    I have a Boost branded 8330. I was unable to send and receive SMS messages for quite a few hours this evening. Every time I tried to send an SMS, I would get the dreaded red X and the message "SMS error 98...message #xxx permanent". All other functions on the BB worked fine.

    Anyway, don't waste your time (it's a ***** getting through to CS anyway), it's not your phone, a battery pull won't fix this. According to CS, they are working hard to get the problem fixed on their end, and SMS functions should return back to normal soon. This is not affecting all service areas.

    My SMS/MMS just started working again thankfully. Any messages that were sent to me during this 4 hour block today are officially lost in space which kinda sucks...but hey, I am still happy with this BB and Boost..aside from how hard it is to get through to a rep.
    04-27-10 11:19 PM