10-11-11 11:26 PM
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  1. spasypaddy's Avatar
    Is BIS down in the UK?

    Neither myself or my friend are receiving messages/email/can connect to appworld.

    Both on orange UK.

    Anyone else on any other network suffering?

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    10-10-11 04:58 AM
  2. MajesticSingh's Avatar
    yup, its down im on orange but it seems that some of my contacts on that are on O2 are having problem.
    10-10-11 05:05 AM
  3. Lightvirus's Avatar
    Am on Vodafone and problems here too
    10-10-11 05:10 AM
  4. Barljo's Avatar
    Manx Telecom - same here on the Isle of Man.

    I just rebooted as my last restart was done when I was roaming, so wondered if it was an issue because of that. but no - still no Social Feeds/Appworld etc.
    10-10-11 05:38 AM
  5. cookie20's Avatar
    Acting up here in ireland to on Three
    10-10-11 05:48 AM
  6. Stubbo's Avatar
    Aha this explains it

    I was doing a software update and thought i'd done something wrong!!

    In that case yeah, orange uk here with no BIS, wonder if 4.1 is coming?
    10-10-11 06:00 AM
  7. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Vodafone UK is definitely having problems too... hopefully it's just the BIS4.1 roll out

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    10-10-11 06:01 AM
  8. TrespassersW's Avatar
    I am on Vodafone and there are definitely BIS problems today, with email being delayed. App World is a completely separate issue and appears to be working normally, as do all the social feeds.
    10-10-11 06:03 AM
  9. Mwanahabari's Avatar
    Down for me on Orange and girlfriend's phone on 3 is also down.
    10-10-11 06:03 AM
  10. NSheld's Avatar
    Done a battery pull, still no go.

    Constant datatransfer arrows when opening bloomberg, berryweather etc, but no data being transferred.

    Hope it gets fixed soon.

    9800 on Orange.
    10-10-11 06:06 AM
  11. cookie20's Avatar
    4.1 has been rolled out for Ireland already. I've been sending and opening 8mb pdf's with no problems although I found that I had to remove and re add my gmail account for it to work properly:
    IrishTechNews.net - BlackBerry 4.1 launches
    10-10-11 06:07 AM
  12. SunnyV's Avatar
    Problem here too, vodafone UK

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    10-10-11 06:25 AM
  13. Delil's Avatar
    I'm in Belgium and facing the same problems. Could be due to 4.1 upgrade.

    Can a mod change the title to BIS outage Europe?
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    10-10-11 06:25 AM
  14. beho9's Avatar
    Down on o2 as well! London based. Very annoying.
    10-10-11 06:40 AM
  15. suchita_z's Avatar
    It's down in Bulgaria, too. It seems to be a world wide problem.
    10-10-11 06:43 AM
  16. madoon's Avatar
    down here in BAHRAIN as well.
    10-10-11 07:01 AM
  17. tinny24's Avatar
    down her in manchester uk on vodafone
    10-10-11 07:05 AM
  18. miz_pimp's Avatar
    It's down in South Africa too, so it must be worldwide.
    10-10-11 07:06 AM
  19. Gnome's Avatar
    Yep; I'm on Vodafone in the UK (Kent) and I've got no data coming through at all.
    10-10-11 07:12 AM
  20. bluelights's Avatar
    well this is strange, we have 2 vodafone uk blackberrys, 1 is down and the other is fine!!!
    i did do a software update on the one that has a problem before hand! so wondering if its that or just a coincidence???
    10-10-11 07:12 AM
  21. virus786's Avatar
    Yeah down for me and every1 i know with a BB in South Africa .. Any official word from RIM about this?
    10-10-11 07:13 AM
  22. Awesum1za's Avatar
    Also down.
    South Africa
    10-10-11 07:14 AM
  23. Arshaad's Avatar
    Here in the Netherlands T-Mobile also down !!
    10-10-11 07:18 AM
  24. cookie20's Avatar
    it's up and down for me at present. I'd say it'll be sorted soon
    10-10-11 07:18 AM
  25. Jonathan-Archer's Avatar
    Netherlands, Vodafone and other providers are down as well.
    10-10-11 07:26 AM
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