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    I think the upcomiing release of the phone with a mature Tablet will be a very productive and mature combination. I expect a less buggy experience than I have had to deal with in the web os world. Plus the experience is just going to be night and day.

    The small business I run is service based for offices. My customers and I will benfit from videos of product being availble on my tablet and ATT better alow me to tether and make that connection seamless. I will make more money.

    I really dont care about all the other noise going on. Apple can bite me and android can self destruct into a privacy for all I care. Make BB10 experince web os like with great notification system and make it stable.

    The thing all naysayers are missing is that once this upgrade is done there will not be a good reason to leave BB phone system!!! Ever again.

    Really? Why? So I can be spied on by google or go into a locked down icantapple world?
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    erm great but i dont know what you are on about really
    03-09-12 08:08 AM