1. Cazerox's Avatar
    Been seeing a lot of the KeyOne posts but no Flagship Full touch BB Android?

    I'm asking because I'm getting a new phone soon and would like to know if there's anything to wait for or should I just get the DTEK 60?
    07-19-17 02:50 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Pretty much this.

    625 SnapDragon
    4000 mah battery
    4GB Ram
    $599 Price Tag (Canadian)

    Comes with a "Home" button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

    Just a rumor i heard...
    If you want to call that 'flagship' and deal in rumors lol. 'Juno' is rumored to be more 'flagship' but next to no details on that exist outside of the name and I wouldn't expect that until after Krypton given the lack of info surrounding it currently.
    07-19-17 03:09 PM

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