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    Not sure if this is the right place or not, but any help would be appreciated.
    I have just got a Blackberry 9700 which is replacing my iphone.

    I was able to set-up my iphone to work with exchange, and it worked perfectly.

    I have searched on the internet, and can see that there are many people having/had the same problem.

    Here are the settings i am using, am i going wrong anywhere?

    Web Access URL: https://mail.companyname.co.uk/owa
    User Name: mysurname
    Password: mypassword
    Email address: myemailaddress@companyname.co.uk
    Mailbox name: domain\username

    The two areas im not sure about are 1:
    Should the url have OWA at the end?
    Should my Mailbox name have the domain?

    To log in via a browser i just use the following:

    Username: myusername
    Password: mypassword

    Help please, this is driving me mad!!!

    By the way, this is via BIS.

    12-07-09 09:17 AM
  2. bbconvert's Avatar
    You should make sure your organization allows exchange connectivity via BIS. My company blocked it when they upgraded to exchange 2007. Some organizations consider it security violation since you have to give your corporate username and pword to a 3rd party.
    12-07-09 05:05 PM