06-15-10 12:13 PM
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  1. MattyG27's Avatar
    I have to also agree, RIM is definitely falling behind. I mean look at their stock price over the last 2 months. Maybe it was 3 month ago, stock analysts were saying with the rumors of the slider and a few other things the stock would eventually top out in the 90 dollar range. Now that's not to say that won't eventually happen but at this point it's looking more and more bleak.
    I just think RIM will never have the WOW factor for a new handset that a lot of people on here are hoping and wishing for. With all the new Droid devices peaking out with ridic specs on each new phone you hear about and the iPhone having all this new tech too, I just don't see RIM matching that anytime soon and I think it sucks.
    Whats even worse is i'm on here holding out for an S3 still with my S1 and with each day it looks like it's just gonna be another small upgrade to the S2. RIM is trying to keep it sooo secretive too that it's gonna be terrible when we do finally see a leak on the actual device and it's exactly like all the other so called upgrades they did. All this talk about developing a phone that's gonna be an iPhone killer in the S4 or whatever RIM phone people wanna dream about, when in reality each phone RIM develops lately is really a RIM Killer. These new phones are so weak in terms of break thru technology that will compete in the consumer market. Basically RIM is not making a "gotta have it" phone like Droid and the Iphone these days. I really think if, well really when, the iPhone comes to Verizon RIM will be in a world of hurt and see their market share really plummet then.
    I'm also am not too impressed with OS6, it still looks like just patch work to me.
    **** is f#$%ing WEAK!!
    06-15-10 09:28 AM
  2. trophynuts's Avatar
    it seems i'm fighting a losing battle on this topic.

    So do you guys think that RIM just isn't capable of making a portable gaming device/mp3 player (iphone) that also makes calls or do you think they just have chosen not to?.
    06-15-10 09:39 AM
  3. tumer's Avatar
    Rim is capable of making it they just don't want a business side and a consumer side they want it all one and when you start adding all this other stuff like bigger screens and 3d themes it will suck the battery which is not what you want when you use your phone for work and there are a lot of other reasons why also a lot of there development has to pass they security issues which others like apple and giggle don't seem to care much there's a lot more to it then just making an ipod like device
    06-15-10 12:08 PM
  4. MattyG27's Avatar
    Because of the way the OS is I think it's gonna be a tough time for RIM to compete in the gaming market. There is just not enough free memory on any of these new devices and since the OS restricts app/games being run off of the card memory it really looks like it's just gonna stay the same.
    Think about this, RIM is raising all the app memory on these so called great new phones they are gonna put out to at least 512mb it seems. However OS6 needs more memory to run and we are not even sure how much yet, but we know it needs more. So basically they may actually be in the same boat we are in now with OS5. OS6 might take up so much memory on these 512 devices that app/game developers are still stuck with making these ****ty games because they are restricted by the memory on the phones just like they are now.
    In terms of MP3 players, I'm actaully pretty happy with my S1. So if they are just improving the media player on the new devices I think in terms of that they will be fine. I enjoy being able to use the Bluetooth and play my S1 wirelessly thru my car stereo, that's one thing I love about the phone. However, I'm sure any other BT equipped device is able to do this too. I just don't think the interface for the media player is that bad right now and I do think the new one on OS6 looks a lot better.
    06-15-10 12:13 PM
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