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    I thought this was funny. I am sure it is still canned. This forum is pretty much dead. However, I love how the Storm 9570 rumors will not go away.

    BlackBerry 9570 Storm3 shows up in Best Buy system -- Engadget Mobile
    12-07-10 12:23 PM
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    There has been an update to the story now

    Update: IntoMobile's Simon Sage points out that the Storm3's been in there for a while, so the question becomes: if it's been chilling there for nearly two months, does that suggest that it really is still on the release roadmap? Depends on how good Best Buy is at cleaning up messes from its internal systems, we suppose.

    So there is a good chance this software was updated when the Storm3 was still on the books to be produced.
    12-08-10 01:33 PM
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    Just popped up at berryreview.com more chatter in the pipeline, take it with a grain of salt.

    BlackBerry Storm 3 Rumors Rise Again €“ Headed to Production? - BerryReview

    After we leaked a picture of one of the BlackBerry Storm 3 prototypes the rumors about the device started getting confusing. Now the team at N4BB have heard from one of their tipsters that the Storm 3 may be finally headed to production. It is still codenamed the BlackBerry Monaco and rumor has it that SurePress is gone for good. The 1Ghz processor is still rumored to be included but it might sport a horizontal keyboard instead of the vertical one on the Torch. This would round out the leaks we have been hearing about all the other device lines other than the Pearl getting a refresh and add yet another form factor for RIM.

    This is definitely turning out to be an interesting week for RIM leaks. I know Verizon users really need a new BlackBerry so hopefully they will be getting a new Storm along with other devices soon.
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