1. grahamf's Avatar
    Based on earliest cnet reviews (best i could find):
    7100t: 2004
    7100i: 2006
    8100: 2006
    8130: 2007
    9100: 2010

    It appears that RIM liked to refresh their SureType line every year or so, but the launch of the iPhone must've thrown their schedule out of the window. I believe that RIM would continue to refresh the Pearl line once every year, in which case it's kinda overdue.

    The next pearl is not among the leaked 6.1 (er... 7), meaning it most likely will be a QNX handset. that rules out 2011.

    The SureType line has always been simply the flagship line slightly aged/refined and shrunken, which rules out it being among the first QNX devices. that rules out 2012.

    That lead me to conclude that the next Pearl will launch in 2013, and it will probably stick to the x1xx naming system. A100? Or maybe RIM will finally drop the useless 0 and make it A10.

    05-06-11 12:59 AM
  2. llella's Avatar
    God I hope so. I bought the 8230 the day it came out and purchased a replacement on eBay this past December. I love this phone and cannot wait for something new in the Pearl line to come out.
    05-12-11 12:55 PM
  3. Skeevecr's Avatar
    It wouldn't surprise me if the pearl line is done, its main purpose was to ease people over to smartphones from candybar dumbphones whereas something like that all-touch curve is more likely to fill that role nowadays.
    05-13-11 02:02 AM
  4. camerakid92's Avatar
    I don't see too many Pearls..most of the BlackBerry's I see are mostly Curves and Bolds too. I think the Curve is taking the entry level place in the Blackberry line. But who knows? I didn't get the point of that one Pearl without the QWERTY Keyboard (It isn't sold in the US though)
    05-13-11 10:54 AM
  5. axe50's Avatar
    Curve touch with an optional keyboard layout for suretype would fit this need easier than a new device with a physical keybaord.

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    07-25-11 07:29 AM
  6. know.nothing's Avatar
    I hope they don't do that. The Pearl's physical keyboard is one of the big reasons I ditched my iPhone 4 for mine. I agree with OP, 2013 should be the year it's released if they decide to continue production. I still think it's the best small smartphone on the market ATM
    09-08-11 10:46 AM